WARNING: This page contains Program v2 spoilers.

The only way to survive The Program is to eliminate every last one of your classmates.

Asterisks (*) denote that the character page is currently incomplete or not created.

Student Matrix: Male
Student Number Student Name Designated Weapon Kill Count Cause of Death


Williams, Kyle Taser None Gunshot wound


Stone, Damien Pitchfork

Nunes, Yumi
White, Amanda
Flores, Anastasia

Gunshot wound


Roberts, Jonathan Fiddle None Gunshot wound


Shotton, Carlyle Kentucky Rifle Phonesavanh, Gwen Gunshot wound


Jenkins, Marley Red, white, and blue dildo None Collar detonation


Callison, Brian Meyerhold Meat Hook Senders, Maxim Gunshot wound


Bowe-Crooke, Shawn Model Navy ship in a bottle Pounds, Robin Gunshot wound
M08 Bonham, Alexander Steel Folding Chair None Pushed off a ledge
M09 Senders, Maxim Civil War Bayonet Gun None Stabbed
M10 Chalmers, Aaron Lasso None Bludgeoned
M11 Lawson, Gerald Picnic basket, containing an apple pie None Gunshot wound
M12 Brooks, Chris Entrenching Tool Baker, Garritt Gunshot wound
M13 Osborne, Lenny Pool Cue Bonham, Alexander Gunshot wound
M14 Aguilar, Angel Croupier Stick None Drowned
M15 Smartt, Caleb Camouflage Onesie None Gunshot wound
M16 Orvall, Dan Hip Flask (contains whiskey) None Collar detonation
M17 Callahan, Frank M24 SWS

Barnes, Stella
Aguilar, Angel
Stone, Jasmine
Sydor, Ashley

Gunshot wound
M18 Baker, Garritt Crowbar None Bled out

Student Matrix: Female
Student Number Student Name Designated Weapon Kill Count Cause of Death


Paxton, Brigid Box of Wheaties None Bludgeoned
F02 Bloom, Louisa Beretta M9 Callison, Brian Meyerhold Gunshot wound
F03 LaChapelle, Felicia Furby None Collar detonation
F04 Walker, Dylan A case of Stars and Stripes Cola

Paxton, Brigid
Stone, Damien
Osborne, Lenny
Callahan, Frank
Bowe-Crooke, Shawn
Brooks, Chris
Long, Rebecca
Williams, Kyle
Bloom, Louisa

F05 Luu, Josephine "Josie" Fireman's Axe None Collar detonation
F06 Moon, Stephanie Half Brick None Drowned
F07 Nunes, Yumi Springboard Ballistics Knife None Stabbed
F08 Barnes, Emily American Flag (on a telescoping pole) None Fall from cliff
F09 Moriss, Nancy Cheese grater None Collar detonation
F10 Williams, Bailey Philadelphia Derringer None Gunshot wound
F11 McKee, Audrey Weighted leather glove Walker, Dylan N/A, Winner
F12 Barnes, Stella Garden Gnome None Gunshot wound
F13 Long, Rebecca "Becky" Punch Knife Underwood, Erin Bludgeoned
F14 Stone, Jasmine Army Action Figure None Fell down a hill
F15 Sydor, Ashley Snuggie None Beaten
F16 Spencer, Zora Exploding Cigar None Bludgeoned
F17 Underwood, Erin Ruger Blackhawk New Model None Kicked through a tree branch
F18 Gavlik, Tori Pilgrim Hat None Collar detonation
F19 Fox, America "Clara" Colt .45 Revolver Smartt, Caleb Fell down a hill
F20 Pounds, Robin Stress Ball

Barnes, Emily
Spencer, Zora
Williams, Bailey
Shotton, Carlyle

F21 White, Amanda Hedge Clippers None Stabbed
F22 Flores, Anastasia "Tas" 1860 Henry Repeater

Lawson, Gerald
Chalmers, Aaron
Roberts, Jonathon

F23 Phonesavanh, Gwen Ice Axe None Gunshot wound

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