The following is a list of everyone who has died thus far in v2 of the Program in the order they died and how they were killed.

Death OrderEdit

41st - Brigid Paxton - Bludgeoned by Dylan Walker
40th - Caleb Smartt - Shot by America "Clara" Fox
39th - Emily Barnes - Pushed off a cliff by Robin Pounds
38th - Gwen Phonesavanh - Shot by Carlyle Shotton
37th - Marley Jenkins - Collar detonated
36th - Erin Underwood - Kicked through a tree branch by Rebecca Long
35th - Dan Orvall - Remained in a danger zone
34th - Yumi Nunes - Stabbed by Damien Stone
33rd - Stella Barnes - Shot by Frank Callahan
32nd - Garritt Baker - Bled to death from wounds inflicted by Chris Brooks
31st - Nancy Morris - Remained in a Danger Zone
30th - Tori Gavlik - Remained in a Danger Zone
29th - Zora Spencer - Bludgeoned by Robin Pounds
28th - Angel Aguilar - Drowned in the stream by Frank Callahan
27th - Josephine "Josie" Luu - Remained in a Danger Zone
26th - Gerald Lawson - Shot by Anastasia 'Tas' Flores
25th - America "Clara" Fox - Fell down a hill
24th - Stephanie Moon - Drowned herself in the lake
23rd - Maxim Senders - Stabbed repeatedly by Brian Meyerhold Callison
22nd - Amanda White - Stabbed by Damien Stone
21st - Felicia LaChapelle - Pulled her own collar

==This is the halfway point in the game==

20th - Aaron Chalmers - Bludgeoned by Anastasia 'Tas' Flores
19th - Jonathan Roberts - Shot by Anastasia 'Tas' Flores
18th - Brian Meyerhold Callison - Shot by Louisa Bloom
17th - Bailey Williams - Shot by Robin Pounds
16th - Jasmine Stone - Pushed down the slope by Frank Callahan
15th - Alexander Bonham - Pushed from a ledge by Lenny Osborne
14th - Anastasia 'Tas' Flores - Strangled by Damien Stone
13th - Damien Stone - Shot by Dylan Walker
12th - Lenny Osborne - Shot by Dylan Walker
11th - Carlyle Shotton - Shot by Robin Pounds
10th - Robin Pounds - Beaten to death by Shawn Bowe-Crooke
9th - Frank Callahan - Shot in the back by Dylan Walker
8th - Shawn Bowe-Crooke - Shot in the back by Dylan Walker
7th - Ashley Sydor - Beaten to death by Frank Callahan
6th - Chris Brooks - Shot by Dylan Walker
5th - Rebecca Long - Bludgeoned by Dylan Walker
4th - Kyle Williams - Shot in the back by Dylan Walker
3rd - Dylan Walker - Stabbed in back by Audrey McKee
RUNNER UP - Louisa Bloom - Bled out from wounds inflicted by Dylan Walker
WINNER - Audrey McKee

Kill RankingsEdit

9 Kills:

Dylan Walker (Brigid PaxtonDamien StoneLenny OsborneFrank Callahan, Shawn Bowe-Crooke, Chris Brooks, Rebecca Long, Kyle Williams, Louisa Bloom)

4 Kills:

Robin Pounds (Emily BarnesZora SpencerBailey Williams, Carlyle Shotton)
Frank Callahan (Stella BarnesAngel Aguilar, Jasmine Stone, Ashley Sydor)

3 Kills:

Anastasia 'Tas' Flores (Gerald LawsonAaron Chalmers, Jonathan Roberts)
Damien Stone (Yumi NunesAmanda WhiteAnastasia Flores)

1 Kill:

America "Clara" Fox (Caleb Smartt)
Carlyle Shotton (Gwen Phonesavanh)
Rebecca Long (Erin Underwood)
Chris Brooks (Garritt Baker)
Brian Meyerhold Callison (Maxim Senders)
Louisa Bloom (Brian Meyerhold Callison)
Lenny Osborne (Alexander Bonham)
Shawn Bowe-Crooke (Robin Pounds)
Audrey McKee (Dylan Walker)

Suicides/Accidents/Collar detonations:

Marley Jenkins (Collar detonation)
Dan Orvall (Remained in a danger zone)
Nancy Morris (Remained in a danger zone)
Tori Gavlik (Remained in a danger zone)
Josie Luu (Remained in a danger zone)
America "Clara" Fox (Fell down a hill)
Stephanie Moon (Drowned in the lake)
Felicia LaChapelle (Pulled her own collar)

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