WARNING: This page contains Program v1 spoilers.

The only way to survive The Program is to eliminate every last one of your classmates.

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Student Matrix: Male
Student Number Student Name Designated Weapon Kill Count Cause of Death
M01 Byrne, David Pipe Wrench None German suplexed
M02 Lovel, Durriken The Art of War by Sam Thompson None Gunshot wound
M03 Johnson, Louis X-Box Wireless Controller Montoya, Ryan Gunshot wound
M04 Arrington, Brendon Lighter and butane

Jacobson, Megan
Mason, Sophie

N/A, Winner
M05 Latimer, Benjamin Kimber Desert Warrior Van Allen, Harris Gunshot wound
M06 Chalmers, Karl American Flag None Gunshot wound
M07 Maxwell, Michael Gardening Scythe Aarons, Jerry Gunshot wound
M08 Tucker, Sean Machete None Beaten
M09 Van Allen, Harris Nightstick None Gunshot wound
M10 Ferarra, John Banjo w/eagle logo

Gourlay, Matthew
Fischer, Wendy
Mitchell, Chris
Heartland, Claire

Shot himself
M11 Thornton, Alex Length of Chain (1.5m heavy links) None Gunshot wound
M12 Barren, Henry A Brick None Skull caved in
M13 Stuarts, Jethro Grendel R31 Schachter, Sherilyn Beaten
M14 McMann, Kyle Handcuffs Never Entered Program Never Entered Program
M15 Gent, Damon Stoner 63 None Gunshot wounds
M16 Mendoza, Luke Heritage .45 Rough Rider revolver

Thornton, Alex
Seguin, Joanne
Payne, Matthew

Gunshot wound
M17 Payne, Matthew Lock-Picking Kit None Stabbed
M18 Luther, Johan Sports Javelin None Beaten
M19 Gourley, Matthew Calico Liberty III None Gunshot wound
M20 Tartaglia, Alex Spiked Knuckle Dusters None Gunshot wound
M21 Torres, Brett Raven Arms MP-25

Lovel, Durriken
Sawyer, Priscilla
Maxwell, Michael
Williams, Marilyn

Gunshot wounds
M22 Sekoler, Michael Double Barreled Shotgun None Stabbed by shovel
M23 Chandler, William TEC-9 None Shot himself
M24 Carver, Bryant Shovel

Sekoler, Michael
Latimer, Benjamin
Steel, Kami

Gunshot wound
M25 DATABASE ERROR Cavalry Saber Never Entered Program Never Entered Program
M26 Aarons, Jerry Ornate Comb None Stabbed
M27 Blake, Tyler A Book of Patriotic Songs and Poems Byrne, David Shot by a sniper
M28 Mitchell, Chris Steel Pipe None Gunshot wound
M29 Pearson, Vaughn Utility Knife None Stabbed

Student Matrix: Female
Student Number Student Name Designated Weapon Kill Count Cause of Death
F01 Schatcher, Sherilyn Louisville Slugger

Tucker, Sean
Cole, Sydney

Gunshot wound
F02 Steele, Kami Colt 1911

Campbell, Nichole
Bellaire, Rena

Gunshot wound
F03 Martin, Chanel Box of Vicodin Pearson, Vaughn Bled out
F04 McCarthy, Siobhan Pool Cue None Gunshot wound
F05 Schenn, Melinda Red Ryder BB Gun None Gunshot wound
F06 Mason, Sophie Crowbar

Landrey, Corrina
Chalmers, Karl
Mendoza, Luke
Tartaglia, Alex
Carver, Bryant
Schenn, Melinda
Johnson, Louis

Gunshot wounds
F07 Bellaire, Rena Steel Lockbox (Contains Dan Wesson M1911 Razorback) None Gunshot wound
F08 Montoya, Ryan A Cardboard Box Mason, Stephanie Stabbed
F09 Campbell, Nichole 6 Pack of Beer None Gunshot wound
F10 Mason, Stephanie Remington 870

Barren, Henry
Sorenson, Logan

Gunshot wound
F11 Williams, Marilyn Hi-Point Model JHP

Watanabe, Juliet
Torres, Brett

Bled out
F12 Seguin, Joanne Fire Axe None Bludgeoned
F13 Steinman, Jennifer K-BAR Knife None Gunshot wound
F14 Cole, Sydney Stiff Wire Brush None Beaten
F15 Vogel, Jessica Field Rations None Fell down stairs
F16 Gregory, Kendra Hand Grenade None Stabbed
F17 Watanabe, Juliet LeMat Revolver None Gunshot wound
F18 Fischer, Wendy Weighted Glove Mitchell, Chris Gunshot wound
F19 Sorenson, Logan Hatchet None Bled out
F20 Jacobson, Megan Helmut von Slappenstein None Gunshot wound
F21 Landrey, Corrina Riot Shield None Bludgeoned
F22 Heartland, Claire Ruger Mark III None Gunshot wound
F23 Erickson, Abby Claw Hammer None Gunshot wound
F24 Green, Allison Action Figure of a Soldier None Fell off the Helipad
F25 Sawyer, Priscilla Bike Lock None Gunshot wound
F26 Harris, Madeline Kahr K9

Gent, Damon
McCarthy, Siobhan
Stuarts, Jethro
Luther, Johan
Erickson, Abby
Steinman, Jennifer
Gregory, Kendra

Blown up

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