The following is a list of everyone who has died thus far in v1 of the Program in the order they died and how they were killed.

Death OrderEdit

53rd - Matthew Gourlay - Shot by John Ferrara
52nd - Vaughn Pearson - Stabbed repeatedly by Chanel Martin
51st - Chanel Martin - Bled to death from wounds inflicted by Vaughn Pearson
50th - Damon Gent - Shot multiple times by Madeline Harris
49th - Harris Van Allen - Shot by Benjamin Latimer
48th - Nichole Campbell - Shot by Kami Steele
47th - Henry Barren - Skull caved in by Stephanie Mason
46th - Wendy Fischer - Trapped in fire by John Ferrara
45th - Chris Mitchell - Trapped in fire by John Ferrara
44th - Michael Sekoler - Beaten to death by Bryant Carver
43rd - Logan Sorenson - Bled to death, after getting shot by Stephanie Mason
42nd - Siobhan McCarthy - Shot by Madeline Harris
41st - Alex Thornton - Accidentally shot by Luke Mendoza
40th - Sean Tucker - Beaten to death by Sherilyn Schachter
39th - Sydney Cole - Beaten to death by Sherilyn Schachter
38th - Sherilyn Schachter - Shot by Jethro Stuarts
37th - Allison Greene - Fell off of the Helipad
36th - Rena Bellaire - Shot by Kami Steele
35th - Durriken Lovel - Shot by Brett Torres
34th - Priscilla Sawyer  - Shot by Brett Torres
33rd - Jerry Aarons - Stabbed by Michael Maxwell
32nd - Jethro Stuarts - Face smashed in by Madeline Harris
31st - Benjamin Latimer - Shot by Bryant Carver
30th - David Byrne - German suplexed by Tyler Blake
29th - Johan Luther - Bludgeoned to death by Madeline Harris
28th - Joanne Seguin - Shot and bludgeoned by Luke Mendoza
27th - Matthew Payne - Stabbed by Luke Mendoza

==This is the halfway point in the game==

26th - Abby Erickson - Shot in the head by Madeline Harris
25th - Michael Maxwell - Shot repeatedly by Brett Torres
24th - Corrina Landrey - Bludgeoned by Sophie Mason
23rd - Claire Heartland - Shot by John Ferrara
22nd - William Chandler - Shot himself in the head
21st - Stephanie Mason - Shot repeatedly by Ryan Montoya
20th - Jennifer Steinman - Shot by Madeline Harris
19th - Kami Steele - Shot by Bryant Carver
18th - Jessica Vogel - Fell down a flight of stairs, breaking her neck
17th - Kendra Gregory- Accidentally stabbed by Madeline Harris
16th - Tyler Blake - Assassinated by military snipers for slandering America
15th - Ryan Montoya - Stabbed by Louis Johnson
14th - John Ferrara - Shot himself in the head
13th - Karl Chalmers- Blood loss from gunshot inflicted by Sophie Mason
12th - Luke Mendoza - Shot by Sophie Mason
11th - Alex Tartaglia- Shot by Sophie Mason
10th - Bryant Carver - Shot by Sophie Mason
9th - Madeline Harris- Accidentally blown up by grenade.
8th - Megan Jacobson - Shot by Brendon Arrington
7th - Melinda Schenn - Shot by Sophie Mason
6th - Juliet Watanabe - Shot by Marilyn Williams
5th - Louis Johnson - Shot by Sophie Mason
4th - Sophie Mason - Shot by Brendon Arrington
3rd - Brett Torres - Shot by Marilyn Williams
RUNNER UP - Marilyn Williams - Bled out from wounds inflicted by Brett Torres
WINNER - Brendon Arrington

Kill RankingsEdit

7 Kills:

Madeline Harris (Damon Gent, Siobhan McCarthy, Jethro Stuarts, Johan Luther, Abby Erickson, Jennifer Steinman, Kendra Gregory)
Sophie Mason (Corrina Landrey, Karl Chalmers, Luke Mendoza, Alex Tartaglia, Bryant Carver, Melinda Schenn, Louis Johnson)

4 Kills:

John Ferrara (Matthew Gourlay, Wendy Fischer, Chris Mitchell, Claire Heartland)
Brett Torres (Durriken Lovel, Priscilla Sawyer, Michael Maxwell, Marilyn Williams)

3 Kills:

Luke Mendoza (Alex Thornton, Joanne Seguin, Matthew Payne)
Bryant Carver (Michael Sekoler, Benjamin Latimer, Kami Steele)

2 Kills:

Stephanie Mason (Henry Barren, Logan Sorenson)
Sherilyn Schachter (Sean Tucker, Sydney Cole)
Kami Steele (Nichole Campbell, Rena Bellaire)
Brendon Arrington (Megan Jacobson, Sophie Mason)
Marilyn Williams (Juliet Watanabe, Brett Torres)

1 Kill:

Chanel Martin (Vaughn Pearson)
Vaughn Pearson (Chanel Martin)
Benjamin Latimer (Harris Van Allen)
Jethro Stuarts (Sherilyn Schachter)
Michael Maxwell (Jerry Aarons)
Tyler Blake (David Byrne)
Ryan Montoya (Stephanie Mason)
Louis Johnson (Ryan Montoya)

Suicides/Accidents/Collar detonations:

Allison Greene (Fell from helipad)
William Chandler (Suicide)
Jessica Vogel (Fell down stairs in watchtower)
Tyler Blake (Killed by snipers on orders of Brigadier General David Adams)
John Ferrara (Suicide via gunshot)
Madeline Harris (Accidentally blew self up)