Here within lies the order in which the students from P.J. Hobbs Senior High School met their ends.

Death OrderEdit

65th - Richard Ormsby - Pushed into the ravine by William Lohman
64th - William Lohman - Drowned
63rd - Jeanette Buendia - Strangled by Sophie McDowell
62nd - Yasmin Carrol - Shot by Katarina Konipaski
61st - Lyndi Thibodeaux - Head cleaved in by Jay Harland
60th - Panya Bishara - Stabbed in the neck by Bridgette Sommerfeld
59th - Vincent Holway - Suffocated in tar pit
58th - Aaron Chalmers - Shot by Everett Taylor
57th - Blaine Eno - Head crushed by Michael Crowe
56th - Simon Leroy - Bled out from wounds inflicted by Blaine Eno and Michael Crowe
55th - Michael Maxwell - Head cleaved in by Saachi Nidal
54th - Bridgette Sommerfeld - Knocked into a tar pit by Wendy Fischer
53rd - Paris Ardennes - Died from internal injuries caused by Jasmine King
52nd - Lance Adams - Shot by Jasmine King
51st - Jay Harland - Throat cut by Saachi Nidal
50th - Eris Marquis - Shot by Katarina Konipaski
49th - Everett Taylor - Shot by Bunny Barlowe
48th - Clair Belvedere - Shot by Katarina Konipaski
47th - Amanda White - Head trauma
46th - Aria Samuels - Shot by Natali Greer
45th - Jasmine King - Head cleaved in by Brigid Paxton
44th - Kasumi White - Died of infection due to improperly-cleaned wounds
43rd - Sebastien Bellamy - Shot by Miranda Millers
42nd - Tessa Blackridge - Accidental self-inflicted gunshot wound
41st - Jason Andrews - Stabbed by Saachi Nidal
40th - Alice Gilman - Shot by Katarina Konipaski
39th - Adonis Alba - Head cleaved in by Saachi Nidal
38th - Damion Castillo - Remained in a Danger Zone
37th - Brigid Paxton - Shot by Bunny Barlowe
36th - Clio Gabriella - Bludgeoned by Sophie McDowell
35th - Tania Chell - Stabbed in the eye by Scarlett McAfee
34th - Rachael Langdon - Strangled by Kris Hartmann

==This is the halfway point in the game==

33rd - Zubin Wadia - Collar detonated due to tampering by Ramona Shirley
32nd - Sarah Miller - Shot by Bunny Barlowe
31st - Ramona Shirley - Head cleaved in by Saachi Nidal
30th - Natalie "Nate" Chauncey - Fell into the ravine
29th - Felicia LaChapelle - Poisoned by Wendy Fischer
28th - Sophie McDowell - Poisoned by Wendy Fischer
27th - James Mulzet - Shot with a harpoon by Irene Djezari
26th - Christopher Schwartz - Jumped off the cliffs
25th - Theodore Fletcher - Drowned in the lake
24th - Yumi Nunes - Shot by Wendy Fischer
23rd - Katarina Konipaski - Beaten to death by Michael Crowe
22nd - Michael Crowe - Bled out from wounds inflicted by Katarina Konipaski
21st - Miranda Millers - Stabbed and shot by Scarlett McAfee
20th - Natali Greer - Shot by Saachi Nidal
19th - Scarlett McAfee - Shot by Saachi Nidal
18th - Roy Benson - Shot with a harpoon by Irene Djezari
17th - Kyran Dean - Bled out from wounds inflicted by Katarina Konipaski
16th - Brandon Baxter - Suicide via slitting his throat
15th - Keiji Tanaka - Remained in a Danger Zone
14th - Soren Rosendahl - Shot by Saachi Nidal
13th - Dan Liu - Head trauma
12th - Saachi Nidal - Shot with a crossbow bolt by Chuck Soileaux
11th - Kitty Gittschall - Bludgeoned by Wendy Fischer
10th - Tina Luz - Died from infection and blood loss
9th - Cody Jenkins - Suffocated in tar pit
8th - Jonathan Lancer - Shot by Bunny Barlowe
7th - Irene Djezari - Shot by Bunny Barlowe
6th - Daniel Whitten - Bled out from wounds inflicted by Irene Djezari
5th -
4th -
3rd -

Kill RankingsEdit

8 Kills:

Saachi Nidal (Michael Maxwell, Jay Harland, Jason Andrews, Adonis Alba, Ramona Shirley, Natali Greer, Scarlett McAfee, Soren Rosendahl)

6 Kills:

Katarina Konipaski (Yasmin Carrol, Eris Marquis, Clair Belvedere, Alice Gilman, Michael Crowe, Kyran Dean)

5 Kills:

Wendy Fischer (Bridgette Sommerfeld, Felicia LaChapelle, Sophie McDowell, Yumi Nunes, Kitty Gittschall)
Bunny Barlowe (Everett Taylor, Brigid Paxton, Sarah Miller, Jonathan Lancer, Irene Djezari)

3 Kills:

Michael Crowe (Blaine Eno, Simon Leroy, Katarina Konipaski)
Irene Djezari (James Mulzet, Roy Benson, Daniel Whitten)

2 Kills:

Jasmine King (Paris Ardennes, Lance Adams)
Sophie McDowell (Jeanette Buendia, Clio Gabriella)
Scarlett McAfee (Tania Chell, Miranda Millers)

1 Kill:

William Lohman (Richard Ormsby)
Jay Harland (Lyndi Thibodeaux)
Bridgette Sommerfeld (Panya Bishara)
Everett Taylor (Aaron Chalmers)
Blaine Eno (Simon Leroy)
Natali Greer (Aria Samuels)
Brigid Paxton (Jasmine King)
Miranda Millers (Sebastien Bellamy)
Kris Hartmann (Rachael Langdon)
Ramona Shirley (Zubin Wadia)
Chuck Soileaux (Saachi Nidal)

Suicides/Accidents/Collar Detonations

William Lohman (Drowned)
Vincent Holway (Suffocated in tar pit)
Amanda White (Head trauma)
Kasumi White (Died of infection due to improperly-cleaned wounds)
Tessa Blackridge (Accidental self-inflicted gunshot wound)
Damion Castillo (Remained in a Danger Zone)
Natalie "Nate" Chauncey (Fell into the ravine)
Christopher Schwartz (Jumped off the cliffs)
Theodore Fletcher (Drowned in the lake)
Brandon Baxter (Suicide via slitting his throat)
Keiji Tanaka (Remained in a Danger Zone)
Dan Liu (Head trauma)
Tina Luz (Died from infection and blood loss)
Cody Jenkins (Suffocated in tar pit)