Student Matrix: Male
Student Number Student Name Designated Weapon Kill Count Cause of Death
B01 Bellamy, Sebastien* Corkscrew None ---
B02 Lombardi, Maxwell* Pikachu Onesie None ---
B03 Leroy, Simon* Sack of Thumbtacks None ---
B04 Liu, Dan* Can of Moxie None ---
B05 Whitten, Daniel* The Liberator 3D Printed Pistol None ---
B06 Baxter, Brandon* Bowie Knife None ---
B07 Benson, Roy* Kiss of Death (Lipstick Gun) None ---
B08 RETIRED (Nick Reid from Second Chances V1) --- --- ---
B09 Harland, Jay* Large Fishing Net None ---
B10 Alba, Adonis* Shattered Snowglobe None ---
B11 Tanaka, Keiji* Claw Hammer None ---
B12 Ormsby, Richard x4 Flashbang Grenades None Injuries from fall
B13 Maxwell, Michael* Trident None ---
B14 Dean, Kyran* AK-47 None ---
B15 Mulzet, James* M79 Grenade Launcher w/ 4 40×46mm grenade rounds None ---
B16 Lancer, Jonathan "Badass Johnny* Spraycan of Liquid Nitrogen None ---
B17 Ardennes, Paris* QSZ-92 None ---
B18 Wadia, Zubin* An unloaded SPAS-12 shotgun, ammo in bag None ---
B19 Fletcher, Theodore "Theo"* Sledgehammer None ---
B20 Andrews, Jason* Estoc None ---
B21 Chalmers, Aaron* Philadelphia Derringer None ---
B22 Lohman, William Winchester Model 1897 Ormsby, Richard Drowned
B23 Soileaux, Charles "Chuck"* Crossbow w/ Quiver of Bolts None ---
B24 Rosendahl, Soren* Colt .357 King Cobra None ---
B25 Adams, Lance* Hunga Munga None ---
B26 Samuels, Aria* Trumpet None ---
B27 Jenkins, Cody* Pancor Jackhammer None ---
B28 Taylor, Everett* Icepick None ---
B29 Crowe, Michael* Targe None ---
B30 Schwartz, Christopher* Macuahuitl None ---
B31 Holway, Vincent* Medical Journal on the Common Occurrence of Heterochromia None ---
B32 Eno, Blaine* Meteor Hammer None ---
B33 Castillo, Damion* FP-45 Liberator None ---

Student Matrix: Female
Student Number Student Name Designated Weapon Kill Count Cause of Death
G01 Chauncey, Natalie "Nate"* Pickaxe None ---
G02 Langdon, Rachael* Heckler & Koch MP7 None ---
G03 Thibodeaux, Lyndi* Large Steel Knitting Needles x2 None ---
G04 Carrol, Yasmin "Yaz"* A blood stained KABAR combat knife None ---
G05 Gittschall, Katie "Kitty"* Monkey Wrench None ---
G06 Buendia, Jeanette* Katana (blade notched and tip broken off) None ---
G07 Konipaski, Katarina "K.K."* Steyr AUG A1 None ---
G08 White, Amanda* Waddy None ---
G09 McDowell, Sophie* Fishing Rod None ---
G10 Bishara, Panya* Heelies None ---
G11 Shirley, Ramona* Furby None ---
G12 Greer, Natali* Smith & Wesson Model 1006 None ---
G13 Gabriella, Clio* Machete None ---
G14 Marquis, Eris* 10-Pack of Nurofen Express Pain Relief Pills None ---
G15 Nunes, Yumi* An unloaded Ballester–Molina, ammo in bag None ---
G16 McAfee, Scarlett* Taurus Raging Judge Magnum None ---
G17 Paxton, Brigid* Bec-de-corbin None ---
G18 Barlowe, Bunny* Maschinenpistole 40 None ---
G19 Hartmann, Kristina "Kris"* x4 Molotov Cocktails None ---
G20 Luz, Florentina "Tina"* Type 77 Pistol None ---
G21 Chell, Tania* Kevlar Bulletproof Vest None ---
G22 LaChapelle, Felicia* GPS None ---
G23 Belvedere, Clair* Box of Condoms None ---
G24 Millers, Miranda* A blood stained tire iron None ---
G25 King, Jasmine* Colt Single Action Army None ---
G26 Sommerfeld, Bridgette* Ballistic Knife None ---
G27 Blackridge, Tessa* Dragunov SVD None ---
G28 Djezari, Irene* Harpoon Gun None ---
G29 Fischer, Wendy* Frozen 25lb Carp with no head None ---
G30 Nidal, Saachi* Meat Cleaver None ---
G31 Gilman, Alice* MP3 player containing only Justin Bieber None ---
G32 Miller, Sarah* The Complete Works of H.P. Lovecraft Hardback Edition None ---
G33 White, Kasumi* Louisville Slugger None ---

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