Student Matrix: Male
Student Number Student Name Designated Weapon Kill Count Cause of Death
B01 Bellamy, Sebastien Corkscrew None Gunshot wound
B02 Lombardi, Maxwell* Pikachu Onesie None ---
B03 Leroy, Simon Sack of Thumbtacks None Bled out
B04 Liu, Dan* Can of Moxie None Head trauma
B05 Whitten, Daniel* The Liberator 3D Printed Pistol None Bled out
B06 Baxter, Brandon* Bowie Knife None Suicide via slit throat
B07 Benson, Roy* Kiss of Death (Lipstick Gun) None Shot with a harpoon
B08 RETIRED (Nick Reid from Second Chances V1) --- --- ---
B09 Harland, Jay Large Fishing Net Thibodeaux, Lyndi Throat cut
B10 Alba, Adonis Shattered Snowglobe None Head cleaved in
B11 Tanaka, Keiji* Claw Hammer None Collar detonation
B12 Ormsby, Richard x4 Flashbang Grenades None Injuries from fall
B13 Maxwell, Michael Trident None Head cleaved in
B14 Dean, Kyran* AK-47 None Bled out
B15 Mulzet, James M79 Grenade Launcher w/ 4 40×46mm grenade rounds None Shot with a harpoon
B16 Lancer, Jonathan "Badass Johnny* Spraycan of Liquid Nitrogen None Gunshot wounds
B17 Ardennes, Paris QSZ-92 None Internal injuries
B18 Wadia, Zubin An unloaded SPAS-12 shotgun, ammo in bag None Collar detonation
B19 Fletcher, Theodore "Theo"* Sledgehammer None Drowned
B20 Andrews, Jason Estoc None Stabbed
B21 Chalmers, Aaron Philadelphia Derringer None Gunshot wound
B22 Lohman, William Winchester Model 1897 Ormsby, Richard Drowned
B23 Soileaux, Charles "Chuck"* Crossbow w/ Quiver of Bolts Nidal, Saachi ---
B24 Rosendahl, Soren* Colt .357 King Cobra None Gunshot wound
B25 Adams, Lance Hunga Munga None Gunshot wound
B26 Samuels, Aria Trumpet None Gunshot wound
B27 Jenkins, Cody* Pancor Jackhammer None Suffocated in tar pit
B28 Taylor, Everett Icepick Chalmers, Aaron Gunshot wounds
B29 Crowe, Michael* Targe

Eno, Blaine
Leroy, Simon
Konipaski, Katarina "K.K."

Bled out
B30 Schwartz, Christopher* Macuahuitl None Jumped off the cliffs
B31 Holway, Vincent Medical Journal on the Common Occurrence of Heterochromia None Suffocated in tar pit
B32 Eno, Blaine Meteor Hammer Leroy, Simon Head crushed
B33 Castillo, Damion FP-45 Liberator None Collar detonation

Student Matrix: Female
Student Number Student Name Designated Weapon Kill Count Cause of Death
G01 Chauncey, Natalie "Nate" Pickaxe None Injuries from fall
G02 Langdon, Rachael Heckler & Koch MP7 None Strangled
G03 Thibodeaux, Lyndi Large Steel Knitting Needles x2 None Head cleaved in
G04 Carrol, Yasmin "Yaz" A blood stained KABAR combat knife None Gunshot wounds
G05 Gittschall, Katie "Kitty"* Monkey Wrench None Bludgeoned
G06 Buendia, Jeanette Katana (blade notched and tip broken off) None Strangled
G07 Konipaski, Katarina "K.K."* Steyr AUG A1

Carrol, Yasmin "Yaz"
Marquis, Eris
Belvedere, Clair
Gilman, Alice
Crowe, Michael
Dean, Kyran

G08 White, Amanda Waddy None Head trauma
G09 McDowell, Sophie Fishing Rod

Buendia, Jeanette Gabriella, Clio

G10 Bishara, Panya Heelies None Stabbed
G11 Shirley, Ramona Furby Wadia, Zubin Head cleaved in
G12 Greer, Natali* Smith & Wesson Model 1006 Samuels, Aria Gunshot wound
G13 Gabriella, Clio Machete None Bludgeoned
G14 Marquis, Eris 10-Pack of Nurofen Express Pain Relief Pills None Gunshot wounds
G15 Nunes, Yumi* An unloaded Ballester–Molina, ammo in bag None Gunshot wound
G16 McAfee, Scarlett* Taurus Raging Judge Magnum

Chell, Tania
Millers, Miranda

Gunshot wound
G17 Paxton, Brigid Bec-de-corbin King, Jasmine Gunshot wounds
G18 Barlowe, Bunny* Maschinenpistole 40

Taylor, Everett
Paxton, Brigid
Miller, Sarah
Lancer, Jonathan
Djezari, Irene

G19 Hartmann, Kristina "Kris"* x4 Molotov Cocktails Langdon, Rachael ---
G20 Luz, Florentina "Tina"* Type 77 Pistol None Infection and blood loss
G21 Chell, Tania Kevlar Bulletproof Vest None Stabbed
G22 LaChapelle, Felicia GPS None Poisoned
G23 Belvedere, Clair Box of Condoms None Gunshot wounds
G24 Millers, Miranda* A blood stained tire iron Bellamy, Sebastien Stabbed and shot
G25 King, Jasmine Colt Single Action Army

Ardennes, Paris
Adams, Lance

Head crushed
G26 Sommerfeld, Bridgette Ballistic Knife Bishara, Panya Knocked into tar pit
G27 Blackridge, Tessa Dragunov SVD None Gunshot wound
G28 Djezari, Irene* Harpoon Gun

Mulzet, James
Benson, Roy
Whitten, Daniel

Gunshot wounds
G29 Fischer, Wendy* Frozen 25lb Carp with no head

Sommerfeld, Bridgette
LaChapelle, Felicia
McDowell, Sophie
Nunes, Yumi
Gittschall, Katie "Kitty"

G30 Nidal, Saachi* Meat Cleaver

Maxwell, Michael
Harland, Jay
Andrews, Jason
Alba, Adonis
Shirley, Ramona
Greer, Natali
McAfee, Scarlett
Rosendahl, Soren

Shot with crossbow
G31 Gilman, Alice MP3 player containing only Justin Bieber None Gunshot wounds
G32 Miller, Sarah The Complete Works of H.P. Lovecraft Hardback Edition None Gunshot wounds
G33 White, Kasumi Louisville Slugger None Infection