Here is the order and method in which the students of Colehurst Secondary School met their fates.

Death OrderEdit

37th - Craig Hoyle - Shot by Maria Graham
36th - Sidney Rice - Stabbed by Anthony Rollins
35th - Liz Polanski - Shot by Jennifer Steinman
34th - Maria Graham - Shot by Marty Lovett
33rd - Quincy Archer - Bludgeoned by Adam Reeves
32nd - Benjamin Latimer - Shot by April Stone
31st - Marty Lovett - Shot by Karl Chalmers
30th - Aileen Borden - Shot by Paige Strand
29th - Timothy Walker - Shot by Jennifer Steinman
28th - Simon Fletcher - Beaten to death by Harold Finston Smythe
27th - Harold Finston Smythe - Collar detonated for remaining in Danger Zone
26th - Corrina Landrey - Blown up by Harold Finston Smythe
25th - Nick Simmons - Impaled on a rusty support
24th - Amber Whimsy - Stabbed by Lyn Burbank
23rd - Sally Connelly - Stabbed by Nick Reid
22nd - Preston Gray - Shot by Charlene "Charlie" Norris
21st - Nicole Husher - Killed by Adam Reeves, cause unknown
20th - Paige Strand - Shot by Jennifer Steinman
19th - Augustus "Dougal" MacDougal - Fell to his death after being shot by April Stone

==This is the halfway point in the game==

18th - Lyn Burbank - Died of blood loss after being shot by Carol Burke
17th - Kari Nichols - Bludgeoned by Janet Claymont
16th - Anthony Rollins - Stabbed by Jennifer Steinman
15th - Jessica Vogel - Shot by Karl Chalmers
14th - Janet Claymont - Bludgeoned by Karl Chalmers
13th - Nichole "Nikki" Campbell - Collar detonated for remaining in Danger Zone
12th - Adam Reeves - Throat slit by Nick Reid
11th - Keira MacDonald - Shot by Jennifer Steinman
10th - Charlene "Charlie" Norris - Shot by Jennifer Steinman
9th - Jennifer Steinman - Slashed through the chest by Nick Reid
8th - Anna Kateridge - Shot by April Stone
7th - David Jackson - Fell down a hill
6th - Carol Burke - Stepped on still active land mine
5th - April Stone - Died of blood loss after being shot by Nick Reid
4th - Glen Bole - Shot by Karl Chalmers
3rd - Karl Chalmers - Stabbed by Nick Reid
RUNNER UP - Megan Jacobson - Shot by Nick Reid
WINNER - Nick Reid

Kill RankingsEdit

6 Kills:

Jennifer Steinman (Liz Polanski, Timothy Walker, Paige Strand, Anthony Rollins, Keira MacDonald, Charlene "Charlie" Norris)
Nick Reid (Sally ConnellyAdam ReevesJennifer SteinmanApril StoneKarl ChalmersMegan Jacobson)

4 Kills:

Karl Chalmers (Marty LovettJessica VogelJanet Claymont, Glen Bole)

3 Kills:

April Stone (Benjamin Latimer, Augustus "Dougal" MacDougal, Anna Kateridge)

2 Kills:

Harold Finston Smythe (Simon Fletcher, Corrina Landrey)
Adam Reeves (Quincy Archer, Nicole Husher)

1 Kill:

Maria Graham (Craig Hoyle)
Anthony Rollins (Sidney Rice)
Marty Lovett (Maria Graham)
Paige Strand (Aileen Borden)
Lyn Burbank (Amber Whimsy)
Charlene "Charlie" Norris (Preston Gray)
Carol Burke (Lyn Burbank)
Janet Claymont (Kari Nichols)

Suicides/Accidents/Collar detonations:

Harold Finston Smythe (Collar detonation by Danger Zone)
Nick Simmons (Impaled on a rusty support)
Nichole "Nikki" Campbell (Collar detonation by Danger Zone)
David Jackson (Fell down a hill)
Carol Burke (Stepped on land mine left behind by island's original inhabitants)

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