Student Matrix: Male
Student Number Student Name Designated Weapon Kill Count Cause of Death
B01 Bole, Glen Binoculars None Gunshot wound
B02 MacDougal, Augustus "Dougal" Tomahawk None Gunshot wound/fall injuries
B03 Chalmers, Karl Remington 870

Lovett, Marty
Vogel, Jessica
Claymont, Janet
Bole, Glen

B04 Gray, Preston Plastic Hammer None Gunshot wound
B05 Hoyle, Craig Machete None Gunshot wound
B06 Simmons, Nick Pink bandanna, featuring a love heart on the forehead None Impaled on rusty support
B07 Latimer, Benjamin Sledgehammer None Gunshot wound
B08 Reid, Nick Box of Condoms

Connelly, Sally
Reeves, Adam
Steinman, Jennifer
Chalmers, Karl
Jacobson, Megan

N/A, Winner
B09 Rollins, Anthony Switchblade Rice, Sidney Stabbed
B10 Jackson, David Chainsaw None Head trauma
B11 Walker, Timothy Ice skates None Gunshot wound
B12 Smythe, Harold Finston Dildo

Fletcher, Simon
Landrey, Corrina

Collar detonated
B13 Fletcher, Simon Two fragmentation grenades None Bludgeoned
B14 Lovett, Marty LeMat Revolver Graham, Maria Gunshot wound
B15 Reeves, Adam Louisville Slugger

Archer, Quincy
Husher, Nicole

Throat slit
B16 Archer, Quincy Nerf Longshot None Bludgeoned

Student Matrix: Female
Student Number Student Name Designated Weapon Kill Count Cause of Death
G01 Strand, Paige Kiss of Death (single-shot lipstick gun) Borden, Aileen Gunshot wound
G02 Borden, Aileen Hockey Stick None Gunshot wound
G03 Rice, Sidney War Scythe None Stabbed
G04 Burke, Carol A "Carol Channing Sings Children's Songs" Vinyl, First Edition Burbank, Lyn Stepped on landmine
G05 Whimsy, Amber MP3 Player filled with nothing but Kidz Bop None Stabbed
G06 Claymont, Janet Monkey Wrench Nichols, Kari Bludgeoned
G07 Kateridge, Anna Beretta M92F None Gunshot wound
G08 MacDonald, Keira Bowie Knife None Gunshot wound
G09 Stone, April Colt 1911A1

Latimer, Benjamin
MacDougal, Augustus "Dougal"
Kateridge, Anna

Gunshot wound
G10 Landrey, Corrina Carpenter's Hammer None Blown up
G11 Jacobson, Megan Stun Gun None Gunshot wound
G12 Nichols, Kari Invitation to Danya's Birthday Party None Bludgeoned
G13 Steinman, Jennifer 1873 Cattleman Revolver

Polanski, Liz
Walker, Timothy
Strand, Paige
Rollins, Anthony
MacDonald, Keira
Norris, Charlene "Charlie"

Chest slashed
G14 Norris, Charlene "Charlie" Ingram MAC 10 Gray, Preston Gunshot wound
G15 Vogel, Jessica Jackknife Boots None Gunshot wound
G16 Husher, Nicole Colt Single Action Army None Killed, cause unknown
G17 Polanski, Liz GPS None Gunshot wound
G18 Connelly, Sally Katana None Stabbed
G19 Burbank, Lyn Pickaxe Whimsy, Amber

Gunshot wound

G20 Graham, Maria "Animal" Beretta 93R Hoyle, Craig Gunshot wound
G21 Campbell, Nichole "Nikki" Estoc None Collar detonated

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