Survival of the Fittest: Second Chances is just that: the chance for handlers to put a character back in the game, whether to improve on the original, give him/her a new spin, or even out of interest. The initial scenario was as follows: the students were all juniors at Colehurst Secondary School in Highland Beach, California. In this version, there was no Survival of the Fittest ... which means there was nothing to prepare them for when it happened to them.

While the first version of Second Chances was small, it proved highly popular among the members of Mini, and thus the game was expanded into a core Mini universe, filling the spot that had previously been vacated by the recategorization of Virtua-SOTF as an AU. SC2 takes place in 2017. Nothing has been heard of the terrorists since the events of SC1, but a busload of seniors from P.J. Hobbs Senior High School from Denton, New Jersey, is suddenly kidnapped on a trip to the aquarium, and the horror begins once more.

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