TV was a team game. See how the teams stacked up against each other here!

Team Elimination OrderEdit

15th - Jade Rhinos
14th - Rose Foxes
13th - Rainbow Parrots
12th - Violet Wolves
11th - Ebony Whales
10th - Honey Badgers
9th - Scarlet Panthers
8th - Bronze Bears
7th - Tan Bats
6th - Ivory Sharks
5th - Cyan Stingrays
4th - Cobalt Jellyfish
3rd - Amber Eagles
RUNNER UP - Golden Hyenas
WINNER - Silver Scorpions

Team Kill RankingsEdit

12 Kills:

Ebony Whales (Davis Todd, Lisa Toner, Lucy Williams, Damion Castillo, Soren Rosendahl, Naomi Young, Erik Lowell, Shawn Thornton, Sebastien Bellamy, Brendan O'Toole, Asa Rosen, Lily Ashburg)

11 Kills:

Silver Scorpions (Matthew Weiss, Forrest Doe, Sarah Miller, Riley Parker, Ramon Fuentes, Genevieve Cordova, Laura Mason, Saachi Nidal, Bella Bianchi, Anastasia Arcadia, Yagmur Tekindor)

7 Kills:

Rainbow Parrots (Caroline Leveson, Genesis Bradley-Baker, Erik Sheely, Christine Wallis, Colin Pigeon, Ashley Namath, Sarah Bourne)
Cobalt Jellyfish (Gene Steward, Nina Riddhi, Paisley Hopkins, Alice Young, Zoe Walker, Lucia del Pirlo), Jackson King

6 Kills:

Cyan Stingrays (Taylor DeVasher, Vincent Holway, Pia Malone, Marcus Redder, Regina Aston, Michael Robinson)
Golden Hyenas (Isaiah Hall, Valerie Fitzroy, Will Brackenrig, Bunny Barlowe, James Houlihan, Vahka Basayev)

4 Kills:

Tan Bats (Eden Bishop, Shadi Williams, Christopher Schwartz, Tucker Hopkins)

3 Kills:

Bronze Bears (Eden Zahn, Jaxon Street, Angie Hart)
Ivory Sharks (Austin White, Leah Bissard, Isabel Santana)

1 Kill:

Scarlet Panthers (Norma-Jean Torkelson)
Amber Eagles (Cathryn Bailey)

No Kills:

Honey Badgers
Jade Rhinos
Rose Foxes
Violet Wolves

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