Student Designation School Team Student Name Designated Weapon Kills Cause of Death
AE1 Whittree Amber Eagles Zahn, Eden Ballistic Riot Shield None Stabbed
AE2 Davison Amber Eagles Arcadia, Anastasia Mosin Nagant M44 Carbine Bailey, Cathryn Gunshot wounds
AE3 Davison Amber Eagles Thornton, Shawn SOG Knife None Gunshot wound
AE4 Davison Amber Eagles O'Toole, Brendan Garrote Wire None Slashed with an axe
AE5 Whittree Amber Eagles Sakamoto, Anzu Kendama Cup-and-Ball Game None Collar detonation
BB1 Whittree Bronze Bears Hopkins, Tucker Smatchet None Gunshot wound
BB2 Whittree Bronze Bears Leveson, Caroline Fire Iron None Gunshot wound
BB3  Davison Bronze Bears Weiss, Matthew Ruger Police Carbine 4 None Gunshot wound
BB4 Whittree Bronze Bears Hopkins, Paisley Stanley Screwdriver Set None Bludgeoned
BB5 Whittree Bronze Bears Redder, Marcus Bear Trap

Zahn, Eden
Street, Jaxon
Hart, Angie

CJ1 Davison Cobalt Jellyfish Bianchi, Bella 12 pack of instant sleeping pills

Steward, Gene
Hopkins, Paisley

Gunshot wound
CJ2 Whittree Cobalt Jellyfish Bailey, Cathryn Pink Lawn Flamingo

Riddhi, Nina
Young, Alice
Walker, Zoe
del Pirlo, Lucia
King, Jackson

CJ3 Davison Cobalt Jellyfish Rosen, Asa Fiskars Brush Axe None Axed in the head
CJ4 Whittree Cobalt Jellyfish Aston, Regina "Reggie" Nulla Nulla None Blown up
CJ5 Davison Cobalt Jellyfish Street, Jaxon Mason Ross Autographed Basketball None Stabbed
CS1 Whittree Cyan Stingrays Basayev, Vahka Canon Vixia HF R4xx Digital HD Camcorder

DeVasher, Taylor
Holway, Vincent
Malone, Pia
Redder, Marcus
Aston, Regina "Reggie"
Robinson, Michael

CS2 Davison Cyan Stingrays Toner, Lisa J&D's Baconnaise Lite None Axed in the chest
CS3 Whittree Cyan Stingrays Sharpe, Douglas "Dougie" Tickle Me Elmo None Collar detonation
CS4 Davison Cyan Stingrays Cordova, Genevieve Rondel Dagger None Stabbed
CS5 Davison Cyan Stingrays Adelman, Aidan Full Set of Team Bandannas None Collar detonation
EW1 Davison Ebony Whales Munez, Gabriel Cebra Ruby Pistol Williams, Lucille "Lucy" Exhaustion and injuries
EW2 Whittree Ebony Whales Bissard, Leah Zastava M70AB2 Castillo, Damion Gunshot wound
EW3 Davison Ebony Whales Luna, Louise SOTF TV's Sexiest People Calendar None Collar detonation
EW4 Whittree Ebony Whales Evans, Jewel Chatterbox Communicator Headsets (Full Team Set)

Todd, Davis
Toner, Lisa
Rosendahl, Soren
Young, Naomi
Lowell, Erik
Thornton, Shawn
Bellamy, Sebastien
O'Toole, Brendan
Rosen, Asa
Ashburg, Lily

N/A, Released
EW5 Davison Ebony Whales Houlihan, James FABARM FP9 None Stabbed
GH1 Whittree Golden Hyenas Bradley-Baker, Genesis "Sissy" Mauser C96 None Gunshot wounds
GH2 Whittree Golden Hyenas Young, Alice X-Force 850 Pro

Hall, Isaiah
Houlihan, James

GH3 Davison Golden Hyenas Steward, Gene Slingshot

Fitzroy, Valerie
Brackenrig, Will
Barlowe, Bunny

GH4 Whittree Golden Hyenas Tekindor, Yagmur CZ 75 Basayev, Vahka Gunshot wounds
GH5 Davison Golden Hyenas King, Jackson Zap 'Em Handshake Gag None Gunshot wound
HB1 Whittree Honey Badgers Riddhi, Nina Nair Lotion None Smothered
HB2 Davison Honey Badgers al-Asad, Amir Trident None Blood loss
HB3 Davison Honey Badgers Parker, Riley OTF Scarab None Gunshot wound
HB4 Davison Honey Badgers Pigeon, Colin Fleshlight None Gunshot wound
HB5 Whittree Honey Badgers Mason, Laura Haribo Sugarless Gummy Bears, 5-Pound Bag None Bludgeoned
IS1 Whittree Ivory Sharks Dixon, Diana "Dee" 4 1/2 foot 2 handed boffer sword None Collar detonation
IS2 Davison Ivory Sharks DeVasher, Taylor M67 Grenades x4 None Fall injuries
IS3 Davison Ivory Sharks del Pirlo, Lucia Jericho 941

White, Austin
Bissard, Leah
Santana, Isabel

Bled out
IS4 Davison Ivory Sharks Williams, Lucille "Lucy" Szabla None Stabbed
IS5 Davison Ivory Sharks Miller, Sarah Straight razor with a can of spray on shaving cream None Bludgeoned
JR1 Whittree Jade Rhinos Nidal, Saachi Sock 'Em Boppers None Bludgeoned
JR2 Whittree Jade Rhinos Doe, Forrest Blackthorn Shillelagh None Beaten
RBP1 Whittree Rainbow Parrots Holway, Vincent Philippine Bolo Knife None Head crushed
RBP2 Whittree Rainbow Parrots Namath, Ashley Mateba Model 6 Unica Autorevolver

Leveson, Caroline
Pigeon, Colin
Bourne, Sarah

Neck slashed
RBP3 Whittree Rainbow Parrots Bourne, Sarah Mr. Potato Head Namath, Ashley Gunshot wounds
RBP4 Davison Rainbow Parrots Bellamy, Sebastien Whoopee Cushion None Gunshot wounds
RBP5 Davison Rainbow Parrots Schwartz, Christopher Pony Pogo Stick

Bradley-Baker, Genesis
Sheely, Erik
Wallis, Christine

RF1 Davison Rose Foxes Fuentes, Ramón Stainless Kimber Raptor II None Gunshot wound
RF2 Whittree Rose Foxes Skye, Naomi Mexican Donkey Lamp None Dehydration
RF3 Davison Rose Foxes Young, Naomi Electro-Shock Baton None Slashed with an axe
RF4 Davison Rose Foxes Brackenrig, Wilson "Will" Complete Set of Team Rosters None Bludgeoned
RF5 Davison Rose Foxes Lowell, Erik UTAS UTS-15 None Gunshot wound
SP1 Davison Scarlet Panthers Graves, Lukas Welrod Suppressed Pistol None Suicide via gunshot
SP2 Davison Scarlet Panthers Hall, Isaiah Mere Patu None Shot with a crossbow bolt
SP3 Whittree Scarlet Panthers Torkelson, Norma-Jean Native American War Lance None Slashed with a sword
SP4 Whittree Scarlet Panthers Walker, Zoe Zweihander Torkelson, Norma-Jean Gunshot wounds
SP5 Whittree Scarlet Panthers Robinson, Michael Large Fishing Net None Shrapnel wounds
SS1 Whittree Silver Scorpions Barlowe, Bunny Razor Sweet Pea Scooter None Throat crushed
SS2 Whittree Silver Scorpions Malone, Pia Vektor SP1

Weiss, Matthew
Parker, Riley
Cordova, Genevieve

Gunshot wound
SS3 Davison Silver Scorpions Williams, Shadi Hikory Cane

Doe, Forrest
Miller, Sarah
Mason, Laura
Nidal, Saachi

SS4 Davison Silver Scorpions White, Austin Golden Retractable Spyglass None Gunshot wound
SS5 Whittree Silver Scorpions Albanesi, Corin Alejandro Sniper Rifle

Fuentes, Ramón
Bianchi, Bella
Arcadia, Anastasia
Tekindor, Yagmur

N/A, Winner
TB1 Davison Tan Bats Sheely, Erik Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat

Bishop, Eden
Williams, Shadi

Gunshot wounds
TB2 Davison Tan Bats Santana, Isabel Balisword Hopkins, Tucker Gunshot wounds
TB3 Davison Tan Bats Castillo, Damion Gunstock War Club None Gunshot wound
TB4 Whittree Tan Bats Rosendahl, Soren Cattle Gun None Gunshot wound
TB5 Davison Tan Bats Wallis, Christine Meat Cleaver Schwartz, Christopher Gunshot wounds
VW1 Whittree Violet Wolves Fitzroy, Valerie Winchester Model 1897 'Trench Gun None Pushed down stairs
VW2 Whittree Violet Wolves Hart, Angie Flashball None Stabbed
VW3 Davison Violet Wolves Todd, Davis Flintlock Axe Pistol None Bludgeoned
VW4 Davison Violet Wolves Bishop, Eden Emeco 1006 None Bludgeoned
VW5 Whittree Violet Wolves Ashburg, Lily Hello Kitty Aluminum T-ball Bat None Stabbed

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