Here within lies the order by which the students from Davison and Whittree Secondary Schools died in Season 2 of SOTF-TV. An analysis by team may be found here.

Death OrderEdit

72nd - Davis Todd - Bludgeoned by Jewel Evans
71st - Taylor DeVasher - Thrown off the Sunshine Tower by Vahka Basayev
70th - Lisa Toner - Axed in the chest by Jewel Evans
69th - Austin White - Shot by Lucia del Pirlo
68th - Eden Zahn - Stabbed in the throat by Marcus Redder
67th - Isaiah Hall - Shot with a crossbow bolt by Alice Young
66th - Lucy Williams - Stabbed in the chest by Gabriel Munez
65th - Damion Castillo - Shot by Leah Bissard
64th - Soren Rosendahl - Shot by Jewel Evans
63rd - Matthew Weiss - Shot by Pia Malone
62nd - Gabriel Munez - Died from exhaustion and wounds
61st - Forrest Doe - Beaten by Shadi Williams
60th - Sarah Miller - Bludgeoned by Shadi Williams
59th - Leah Bissard - Shot by Lucia del Pirlo
58th - Naomi Young - Slashed with an axe by Jewel Evans
57th - Erik Lowell - Shot by Jewel Evans
56th - Valerie Fitzroy - Pushed down stairs by Gene Steward
55th - Riley Parker - Shot in the back by Pia Malone
54th - Ramón Fuentes - Shot by Corin Albanesi
53rd - Jaxon Street - Stabbed in the chest by Marcus Redder
52nd - Angie Hart - Stabbed by Marcus Redder
51st - Vincent Holway - Head crushed by Vahka Basayev
50th - Will Brackenrig - Bludgeoned by Gene Steward
49th - Shawn Thornton - Shot by Jewel Evans
48th - Sebastien Bellamy - Shot by Jewel Evans
47th - Caroline Leveson - Shot by Ashley Namath
46th - Bunny Barlowe - Throat crushed by Gene Steward
45th - Gene Steward - Bludgeoned by Bella Bianchi
44th - Genevieve Cordova - Stabbed by Pia Malone
43rd - Laura Mason - Bludgeoned by Shadi Williams
42nd - Genesis Bradley-Baker - Shot by Christopher Schwartz
41st - Saachi Nidal - Bludgeoned by Shadi Williams
40th - Eden Bishop - Bludgeoned by Erik Sheely
39th - Shadi Williams - Stomped by Erik Sheely
38th - Erik Sheely - Shot by Christopher Schwartz
37th - Christine Wallis - Shot by Christopher Schwartz

==This is the halfway point in the game==

36th - Christopher Schwartz - Stabbed by Christine Wallis
35th - Louise Luna - Remained in a Danger Zone
34th - Dee Dixon - Remained in a Danger Zone
33rd - Aidan Adelman - Remained in a Danger Zone
32nd - Naomi Skye - Died from dehydration
31st - Colin Pigeon - Shot by Ashley Namath
30th - Brendan O'Toole - Slashed with an axe by Jewel Evans
29th - James Houlihan - Stabbed with an arrow by Alice Young
28th - Pia Malone - Shot by Vahka Basayev
27th - Asa Rosen - Axed in the head by Jewel Evans
26th - Nina Riddhi - Smothered by Cathryn Bailey
25th - Paisley Hopkins - Bludgeoned by Bella Bianchi
24th - Lukas Graves - Shot himself
23rd - Ashley Namath - Neck slashed by Sarah Bourne
22nd - Sarah Bourne - Shot by Ashley Namath
21st - Marcus Redder - Stabbed in the throat by Vahka Basayev
20th - Lily Ashburg - Stabbed by Jewel Evans
19th - Jewel Evans - Released via ten-kill rule
18th - Amir al-Asad - Bled out
17th - Regina Aston - Blown up by a grenade thrown by Vahka Basayev
16th - Michael Robinson - Shrapnel wounds from grenade thrown by Vahka Basayev
15th - Vahka Basayev - Beaten by Yagmur Tekindor
14th - Alice Young - Speared in the back by Cathryn Bailey
13th - Anzu Sakamoto - Suicide by shooting her collar
12th - Bella Bianchi - Shot by Corin Albanesi
11th - Norma-Jean Torkelson - Slashed with a sword by Zoe Walker
10th - Zoe Walker - Shot by Cathryn Bailey
9th - Tucker Hopkins - Shot by Isabel Santana
8th - Isabel Santana - Shot by Lucia del Pirlo
7th - Lucia del Pirlo - Bled out from wounds inflicted by Cathryn Bailey
6th - Dougie Sharpe - Collar detonated for refusing to enter Endgame arena
5th - Jackson King - Shot by Cathryn Bailey
4th - Cathryn Bailey - Stabbed in the eye by Anastasia Arcadia
3rd - Anastasia Arcadia - Shot by Corin Albanesi
RUNNER UP - Yagmur Tekindor - Shot repeatedly by Corin Albanesi
WINNER - Corin Albanesi

Kill RankingsEdit

10 Kills:

Jewel Evans (Davis Todd, Lisa Toner, Soren Rosendahl, Naomi Young, Erik Lowell, Shawn Thornton, Sebastien Bellamy, Brendan O'Toole, Asa Rosen, Lily Ashburg)

6 Kills:

Vahka Basayev (Taylor DeVasher, Vincent Holway, Pia Malone, Marcus Redder, Regina Aston, Michael Robinson)

5 Kills:

Cathryn Bailey (Nina Riddhi, Alice Young, Zoe Walker, Lucia del Pirlo, Jackson King)

4 Kills:

Shadi Williams (Forrest Doe, Sarah Miller, Laura Mason, Saachi Nidal)
Corin Albanesi (Ramón Fuentes, Bella Bianchi, Anastasia Arcadia, Yagmur Tekindor)

3 Kills:

Gene Steward (Valerie Fitzroy, Will Brackenrig, Bunny Barlowe)
Marcus Redder (Eden Zahn, Jaxon Street, Angie Hart)
Pia Malone (Matthew Weiss, Riley Parker, Genevieve Cordova)
Christopher Schwartz (Genesis Bradley-Baker, Erik Sheely, Christine Wallis)
Ashley Namath  (Caroline Leveson, Colin Pigeon, Sarah Bourne)
Lucia del Pirlo (Austin White, Leah Bissard, Isabel Santana)

2 Kills:

Erik Sheely (Eden Bishop, Shadi Williams)
Alice Young (Isaiah Hall, James Houlihan)
Bella Bianchi (Gene Steward, Paisley Hopkins)

1 Kill:

Gabriel Munez (Lucy Williams)
Leah Bissard (Damion Castillo)
Christine Wallis (Christopher Schwartz)
Sarah Bourne (Ashley Namath)
Yagmur Tekindor (Vahka Basayev)
Zoe Walker (Norma-Jean Torkelson)
Isabel Santana (Tucker Hopkins)
Anastasia Arcadia (Cathryn Bailey)

Suicides/Accidents/Collar Detonations

Gabriel Munez (Died from exhaustion and wounds)
Louise Luna (Remained in a Danger Zone)
Dee Dixon (Remained in a Danger Zone)
Aidan Adelman (Remained in a Danger Zone)
Naomi Skye (Died from dehydration)
Lukas Graves (Shot himself)
Amir al-Asad (Bled out)
Anzu Sakamoto (Shot herself)
Dougie Sharpe (Remained in a Danger Zone)

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