Student Designation School Team Student Name Designated Weapon Kill Count Cause of Death
13A SDA Thirteen Johnston, Zachariah Monkey Wrench

Smythe, Harold Finston
Clayton, Marion
Davidson, Sean
Winterburn, Eloise
White, Alicia

Gunshot wounds
13B DCH Thirteen Kohli, Rishi Extra Rations None Gunshot wound
13C SDA Thirteen Campbell, Peter Playboy Magazine None Gunshot wound
13D SDA Thirteen Porter, Simon Stun Gun None Gunshot wound
13E SDA Thirteen Lanford, Suzanne Pair of Walkie-Talkies None Drowned in a lake
BLK1 SDA Black Lazenby, Bob Lazer Pointer None Drowned in tar
BLK2 SDA Black Chauncey, Natalie "Nate" Dragunov

Stone, April
Carlson, Renée

Gunshot wound
BLK3 SDA Black Hadaway, Holly 3 Fragmentation Grenades None Stabbed
BLK4 SDA Black Smythe, Harold Finston 1927 Thompson A1 MS1B Machine Gun None Bled out
BLK5 DCH Black Bishara, Panya Firestar M43 None Shot and stabbed
BLU1 DCH Blue Johnson, Jaszmine Colt Single Action Army None Strangled
BLU2 DCH Blue Hitchins, Anna DVD of last season's SOTF-TV None Gunshot wound
BLU3 SDA Blue Doyle, Joshua WASP Injection Knife None Stabbed and blown up
BLU4 DCH Blue Stadler, Axel Complete Team Rosters Roberts, Chelsea Stabbed in throat
BLU5 SDA Blue Becker, Lou Machete None Beaten
BRN1 DCH Brown Simmons, Nick Power Drill (battery powered) None Gunshot wound
BRN2 SDA Brown Stone, April Rubber Band Shooting Pen (with rubber bands) None Gunshot wound
BRN3 DCH Brown Winterburn, Eloise Sledgehammer None Gunshot wounds
BRN4 SDA Brown Clayton, Marion Nodachi None Poisoned
BRN5 DCH Brown Hernandez, Brenda Nerf Longshot None Gunshot wound
GLD1 SDA Gold St. Clair, Mae Katana

Bishara, Panya
Odair, Sterling

Gunshot wound
GLD2 SDA Gold Hudson, Todd 3-Man Tent None Fell into volcano
GLD3 DCH Gold White, Alicia "Ali" Remington 870 Bishara, Panya Stabbed
GLD4 SDA Gold Morrison, Shawn Corded Circular Saw

Johnson, Jaszmine
Connor, Madelyn

Gunshot wound
GLD5 DCH Gold Benson, John Fire Axe None Shot with crossbow
GRN1 SDA Green Davidson, Sean Super Soaker Monster None Hung
GRN2 SDA Green Myerez, David Gladius None Gunshot wound
GRN3 SDA Green Allwell, Alexis Rope and grappling hook None Gunshot wound
GRN4 DCH Green Roberts, Chelsea Aluminum Baseball Bat

Marshall, Michael
Stadler, Axel

Head trauma
GRN5 DCH Green Clark, Michael Butter Knife None Collar detonation
GRY1 DCH Grey Goldman, Robert "Bobby" Shopping Cart Langston, Jacob Stabbed and beaten
GRY2 DCH Grey Boden, Terrilynn "Lynn" Bulletproof Vest None Throat crushed
GRY3 DCH Grey Washington, Devonte Butterfly Knife Pen None Neck broken
GRY4 SDA Grey Marshall, Michael Fencing Foil None Bludgeoned
GRY5 DCH Grey Hart, Tristan .45 Derringer None Collar detonation
LONER SDA None Lemmon, John "Jack" S&W Model 500 None Gunshot wound
ORA1 DCH Orange Sullivan, Vincent Digital Camera

King, Isaac
Boden, Terrilynn "Lynn"
Grayson, Ben
Bole, Glen
Hitchins, Anna

Infection and wounds

ORA2 DCH Orange O'Brian, Brennan Bottle of LSD labeled "Water Purification Tablets" None Strangled
ORA3 SDA Orange Tam, Ferric "Eric" KA-BAR Combat Knife None Gunshot wound
ORA4 DCH Orange Dexter, Tiffany Colt Anaconda .45 Magnum None Gunshot wound
ORA5 DCH Orange Clements, Katherine "Kathy" Swordcane None Gunshot wound
PNK1 DCH Pink Rollins, Anthony Basket-hilted Claymore None Gunshot wound
PNK2 DCH Pink Jeffries, Jonas MAC-10 Machine Pistol Simmons, Nick Hatchet to the skull
PNK3 SDA Pink Bole, Glen Franchi SPAS-12 Shotgun Porter, Simon Gunshot wound
PNK4 SDA Pink Grayson, Ben Full set of team bandannas None Impaled
PNK5 DCH Pink King, Isaac IMI Desert Eagle None Gunshot wound
PRP1 SDA Purple Connor, Madelyn 12 Glowsticks

Tam, Ferric
Walker, Marcus
O'Brian, Brennan
St. Clair, Mae
Allwell, Alexis

Gunshot wounds
PRP2 DCH Purple Lyons, Amber Short spear

Becker, Lou
Goldman, Robert
Renard, Daniel

Gunshot wound
PRP3 DCH Purple Ruiz, Karen Glock 17

Rollins, Anthony
Kohli, Rishi
Jones, Marvia
Dexter, Tiffany
Rice, Sidney
Myerez, David
Clements, Katherine
Hernandez, Brenda
Sutherland, Leopold
Johnston, Zachariah

N/A (Released)
PRP4 DCH Purple Perdomo, Cesar Febreeze None Gunshot wound
PRP5 DCH Purple Odair, Sterling Hatchet Jeffries, Jonas Gunshot wounds
RD1 DCH Red Jones, Marvia Steyr AUG None Gunshot wounds
RD2 SDA Red Buendia, Jeanette Switchblade None Collar detonation
RD3 DCH Red Thompson, Jhamel Colt M1911A1 None Collar detonation
RD4 DCH Red Renard, Daniel GPS

Thsani, Skyler
Benson, John

Machete wound/
collar detonation

RD5 SDA Red Warner, Mikaela 4 Shuriken None Throat wound
W01 SDA White Walker, Timothy CZ 75 Campbell, Peter Gunshot wound
W02 SDA White Carlson, Renée Straight Razor None Gunshot wound
W03 SDA White Fielding, Kevin Night Vision Goggles (5 hour battery) Lazenby, Bob Collar detonation
W04 SDA White Sutherland, Leopold Dildo None Gunshot wound
W05 SDA White Ross, Mason Beretta 93R

Walker, Timothy
Chauncey, Natalie
Connor, Madelyn
Morrison, Shawn

N/A (Winner)
YLW1 DCH Yellow Thsani, Skyler Composite Crossbow None Bludgeoned
YLW2 DCH Yellow Jones, Odile Roll of Duct Tape

Hadaway, Holly
Lemmon, John
Perdomo, Cesar
Lyons, Amber

Shot herself
YLW3 SDA Yellow Rice, Sidney Jericho .941 None Gunshot wounds
YLW4 DCH Yellow Walker, Marcus Airzooka Washington, Devonte Gunshot wounds
YLW5 SDA Yellow Langston, Jacob Sig Sauer P226 None Throat crushed

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