WARNING: This page contains SOTF: Evolution v1 spoilers.

Evo is an elimination program. The contestants are listed here.

All the following powers and their advantages and drawbacks can be found here.


C-Type Subjects. Art by Little Boy

C-Type Subjects
Subject Name Hometown Power Kill Count Cause of Death
Reynolds, SamanthaSeattle, WAFacial MorphingNoneEntered a Danger Zone
Landon, IrisBattle Creek, IABlack MouldNoneRemained in a Danger Zone
MacDonald,KeiraBoston, MAWhooping SmokeNoneStabbed
Adelaide, OtisMiami, FLMemory AbsorptionRuiz, CristoBled out
Matthews, SimonChicago, ILScorching PalmsNoneGunshot wound
Harland, JayMonroe, WINocturnal InvisibilityNoneStabbed
Marsh, JohnnyLittle Rock, ARTransparent SkinChapman, HollyKicked into a cliff-face
Jackson, AshlieJacksonville, FLSonic Distortion

Harland, Jay
Rivers, Penelope
Richardson, Chris
Matthews, Simon
Shamoun, Khalid

Chapman, HollyLas Vegas, NVSolar StrengthMarsh, JohnnyStabbed
Pietrowski, RaymondNorth Stonington, CTStone TransformationShamoun, Khalid (Temporary death only)Stabbed
Black, KatherineLakeside, WIDental RegenerationNoneDied from wounds
Rivers, PenelopePhoenix, AZTelepathic CommunicationNoneGunshot wounds
Gregory, TarynAlbany, NYCrystallising Blood

Deitrick, Joel
MacDonald, Keira
Jackson, Ashlie

Died from wounds
Slagenger, FredrickNeedham, MARubber FleshNoneRemained in a Danger Zone
Bromwell, ConnorChicago, ILUnderwater RespirationNoneGunshot wounds
Richardson, ChrisConifer, COElectric CurrentNoneGunshot wounds
Ruiz, CristoNew York City, NYHallucinogenic Venom

Bromwell, Connor
Adelaide, Otis

Consciousness absorbed by Otis Adelaide
Clarke, Billy-JayBirmingham, ALOcular LuminescenceNoneEyes melted by power malfunction
Deitrick, JoelLevittown, NYThermal VisionNoneBled out
Vibert, JudithAlbuquerque, NMEnhanced DigestionNoneRemained in a Danger Zone
Shamoun, KhalidSterling Heights, MIInstantaneous ResurrectionPietrowski, Raymond

Gunshot wounds (First island death)
Gunshot wound to the head (Final island death)

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