The Island was the location of all the P12 serums tests. It was a large island, and has seemingly been used by The Organization for some time. The area descriptions of the island (from the C Trials) are as follows:

Radio Tower:Edit

A large radio mast sits atop the mountain in the center of the island, impossible to get to without the use of the cable cars. A large generator sits inside the building besides the tower.


An empty village of six cottages surround an imposing manor house, with a barren field sat facing the center of the island. The only food contained in the buildings has rotted away, but the electricity and water still are still running.

Holding Cells:Edit

Far away from every other place on the island, the tiny, crumbling prison is reminiscent of those found in the middle-ages. This is where the subjects were kept before they were taken to be briefed.

Cable Car Station:Edit

Still up-and-running, the cable cars provide access to the radio tower, as they travel above the impossibly high mountain which stands in the way.

Black Forest:Edit

A dense forest of mysterious black trees, spreading from the west of the island all the way to base of the mountain. Only birds and insects live there- nothing dangerous.

The Black Forest was the location of the C Trial finals.

The Cove:Edit

South of the settlement lies a vast beach, with low cliffs cutting it off from the mainland. Inside the largest cliff a small cavern awaits, dark enough to allow any visitors the chance to become lost inside the twisting tunnels.

The Shack:Edit

Two small spits of sand sit across the shore from the cove, easily reachable by wading through the shore. The shack is worn-out and falling apart, but it provides a safe place from the many dangers on the island.

The Church:Edit

Gleaming, tall, stained-glass windows shine on every wall of the impressive little church, with rows upon rows of empty pews filling the inside of the hall, and a graveyard lays out in the back.


Running down from the top of the mountain, the river flows through a deep valley right into the ocean. A large rope-bridge swings dangerously across the middle of the valley, worn and neglected over the years.

The Great Divide:Edit

An unnatural valley tearing halfway up the island from the northern base of the mountain, empty and devoid of life. If not for the mountain sitting squarely in the center of island, it could probably join with the top of the ravine, splitting the island in two.

The Other Island:Edit

Across the sea, the other island waits. The organization that runs the Program inhabits the run-down base, on top of which sits an enormous satellite dish.

The Other Island housed the staff of The Organization. It was from there that boats were launched when required. All announcements and scenes involving members of The Organization originated here.

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