WARNING: This page contains SOTF: Evolution v1 spoilers.

The following is a list of everyone eliminated thus far in SOTF: Evolution V1, as well as the circumstances.

21st- Billy-Jay Clarke - Eyes and head melted due to defective power
20th - Connor Bromwell - Shot by Cristo Ruiz
19th - Jay Harland - Stabbed by Ashlie Jackson
Joint 17th - Fredrick Slagenger, Judith Vibert - Remained in a Danger Zone
16th - Cristo Ruiz - Consciousness absorbed by Otis Adelaide
15th - Otis Adelaide - Shot in the lung by Cristo Ruiz
14th - Joel Deitrick - Bled out from wounds inflicted by Taryn Gregory
13th - Penelope Rivers - Shot by Ashlie Jackson
12th - Keira MacDonald - Stabbed with a blood spike by Taryn Gregory
11th - Johnny Marsh - Kicked into a rock wall by Holly Chapman
10th - Holly Chapman - Stabbed by Johnny Marsh
9th - Chris Richardson - Shot by Ashlie Jackson
8th - Iris Landon - Remained in a Danger Zone
7th - Samantha Reynolds - Intentionally entered a Danger Zone
6th - Raymond Pietrowski - Stabbed to death by Khalid Shamoun
5th - Simon Matthews - Shot by Ashlie Jackson
4th - Khalid Shamoun - Shot by Ashlie Jackson
3rd - Ashlie Jackson - Stabbed in the throat by Taryn Gregory
RUNNER UP - Taryn Gregory - Succumbed to wounds[1]
WINNER - Katherine Black - Succumbed to wounds[1]

Kill RankingsEdit

5 Kills:

Ashlie Jackson (Jay Harland, Penelope Rivers, Chris Richardson, Simon Matthews, Khalid Shamoun)

3 Kills:

Taryn Gregory (Joel Deitrick, Keira MacDonald, Ashlie Jackson)

2 Kills:

Cristo Ruiz (Connor Bromwell, Otis Adelaide)

1 Kill:

Otis Adelaide (Cristo Ruiz)
Holly Chapman (Johnny Marsh)
Johnny Marsh (Holly Chapman)
Raymond Pietrowski (Khalid Shamoun, temporary death only)
Khalid Shamoun (Raymond Pietrowski)

Accidents/Suicides/Danger Zones

Fredrick Slagenger (Remained in a Danger Zone)
Judith Vibert (Remained in a Danger Zone)
Iris Landon (Remained in a Danger Zone)
Samantha Reynolds (Remained in a Danger Zone)
  1. 1.0 1.1 The end of Evo was left vague and open, with neither Kate nor Taryn officially announced as dead, and with a note left to expect an epilogue. As Evo's creator had not been on the site for some time, the handlers of Kate and Taryn took the plans into their own hands, ending the game as they saw fit. They have stated that Kate and Taryn both succumbed to their wounds, leaving Evo without a real winner. Placement order has been determined by last post time.

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