Elizabeth "Lizzie" Nolan was a participant in and winner of the B Trials of the P12 serums. Little is known of her time on the island, though she presumably killed at least one person. She is a very bubbly person, with a highly-disjointed thought process and a fixation on sugary treats and jokes.

After the end of the trials, Lizzie joined The Organization, serving with her fellow winner, Khalid Shamoun. Lizzie was given much more important duties than Khalid, serving as both the announcer for the C Trials and also in the research department. This implies greater cooperation with The Organization on her part, compared to the reluctant Khalid.

As announcer, Lizzie was extremely unprofessional, often losing track of her thoughts and inserting disrespectful comments in her listing of the dead. This caused discomfort among many of the subjects.

During the course of the second announcement, Lizzie became too worked up to retain coherency, and was replaced temporarily with her assistant, Carl. Carl and Lizzie shared an adversarial relationship throughout most of the C Trials, however, during the last announcement they admitted their true feelings for each other, kissing passionately while still on the air.

Lizzie's power is currently unknown.

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