Danger Zones are areas in games where students are forbidden to enter, typically under the threat of death via some form of explosion. Dangers Zones exist in the main SOTF game, and have featured in most of the Minis/AUs.

Danger Zones in the BR AU:Edit

The Battle Royale AU used Danger Zones true to the original medium. These zones, all roughly equally-sized squares on the map, were announced, then remained forbidden for the remainder of the game. Students in Danger Zones were killed via collar explosion. Due to their static nature, these Danger Zones claimed relatively few victims.

Danger Zone Victims:Edit

Danger Zones in SOTF: Evolution:Edit

In Evo, Danger Zones functioned more like they did in the main SOTF game, being cleared and reinstated with each announcement. Students had one hour to vacate Danger Zones after their announcement, and could not safely reenter until they had been cleared via announcement. Evo had a notably high percentage of Danger Zone eliminations; this was in part due to two characters falling inactive in a Danger Zone near the start of the game, and in part for the resolution of some characters' plot arcs. In the end, close to 20% of the Evo cast ended up in a Danger Zone.

Danger Zone Victims:Edit

Danger Zones in The Program:Edit

The Program version one did not include Danger Zones. This led to some difficulties enforcing activity and dealing with inactive characters.

Danger Zones in SOTF-TV:Edit

In the first version of SOTF-TV, Danger Zones functioned normally, changing at each announcement and resulting in collar detonations.

Danger Zone Victims:Edit

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