Nestled in the northern reaches of mainland British Columbia, Canada, Alderbrook is a small town with a similarly small high school, taking its name from its location. Alderbrook is a peaceful, sleepy type of place - not idylic, but with no derelicts, boarded up stores or smashed windows, and very little crime.

The high school itself is the sole source of higher education available in the town, and has a population of only around three hundred. It certainly isn't a state of the art facility - funding is not high, and extracurricular activities are not massively provided for; Alderbrook's sports teams tend to lurk around the bottom of the leagues thanks to a lack of dedicated training (The ice hockey team is renowned as being particularly poor). Even so, Alderbrook isn't a bad place to learn by any means, and the community tends to be very tight knit and close. This is shown by their excellent theatre group, which is largely student-directed with only a minimum of input from the staff.

The students in Virtua-SOTF were all juniors from Alderbrook High School.

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