Season Forty-One

Dates: 2016

Winner: Stephanie Cahill (three kills)
Runner Up: Amy Dyne (five kills)
Third Place: Stephen Wargrave (six kills)

Location: Tortuga Bay, a pirate themed amusement park situated on the coast of Maine which, for the sake of the game, was disabled.

Notable Participants:

  • Stephanie Cahill (winner): A nerdy girl and close friend of tenth place finisher Alex Peacock, Stephanie was initially pegged as an early out despite her assigned bulletproof vest. She was able to find Alex early on, and became the “first mate” of his crew, a group of his friends determined to find their way through the game. However, Alex's actions as leader, and his rapidly decreasing hold on himself, led her to realize he had changed from the friend she knew and thus to abandon him. Stephanie spent the next part of the game by herself, mostly lost in reflection, though she also killed a person who tried to attack her. She eventually reunited with Alex after he was fatally shot by Isabella Munnings, and she comforted him as he died. Spurred by his death, she chose to hunt down and kill Isabella as revenge for what she did, before entering the Endgame arena. Although she was caught and nearly disabled by Amy Dyne, her bulletproof vest allowed her to survive and stab Amy, leaving Stephanie the winner of Season Forty-One.
  • Amy Dyne (runner-up): A studious girl with interests in sociology, law, and politics, Amy was pegged as a contender from the start due to her personality, and many were interested in seeing what use she could make of here assigned weapon: a rag and a bottle of chloroform. She laid low the first two days, expressing disdain for the people killing, but after hearing about the death of her boyfriend at the hands of Clint Craig, she decided to take action. She donned her assigned costume (a British navyman's outfit), then set out on the hunt, eventually finding and drugging Clint, then taking him to one of the stages and holding a trial for him. There, Amy stated his crimes and gave him a chance to argue his innocence before shooting him in the stomach several times with his own gun. Amy found the experience unexpectedly satisfying and sought to replicate it, disabling other students before holding kangaroo courts followed by executions. She made it to Endgame, managing to take out third place finisher Stephen Wargrave, and was able to disable Stephanie in the final confrontation, but her attempt to finish the girl off failed, and Stephanie used this as an opportunity to put Amy down.
  • Stephen Wargrave (third place): An honors student and a player on the school’s baseball team, Stephen tried to play to win. He kept a low profile where possible, while trying to make sense of the partial treasure map he had been assigned. Eventually, after looting a further section of the map and killing the student in possession of the last part, Stephen was able to find the key to a treasure chest, which contained weapons and body amour that almost managed to carry him through the rest of the game. He took a more proactive approach from that point on, becoming the season’s top killer, but he was eventually felled by Amy Dyne in endgame, after she snuck up and subdued him with chloroform.
  • Isabella Munnings (fifth place, four kills): A Girl Scout who liked to read and play the piano, Isabella (with her assigned weapon, a Taurus Raging Bull) joined up early with Alex’s pirate crew, and happily believed in its capacity to get itself through the game. However, after she killed Keary Jacobson in self-defense, Alex turned on her, expelling her from the group in a rage. Isabella left, furious that her friend and leader wouldn’t listen to her. In her stewing, she decided to get revenge, laying low and biding her time until she could strike. She got her chance at the final ten, fatally wounding Alex in a gunfight. With her vengeance complete, Isabella turned her attention to securing victory, eliminating both the sixth and seventh place contestants but ultimately being killed by Stephanie.
  • Alex Peacock (tenth place, two kills): A nerdy boy with a particular fondness for pirate related media, Alex used the theme of the season and his assigned weapon—a blunderbuss—to try and cope with the stresses of the game, forming a crew of his friends and becoming its “captain” on the promise that none of them would come to any harm. This promise was eventually broken when, angry at the fact that one of his crewmembers had betrayed the group by killing someone, he elected to execute the boy in front of the whole group, shooting him in the chest. This, followed by the subsequent ostracization and expulsion of Isabella Munnings for similar actions, led the rest of the group to abandon him, leaving him alone with his fears. Over the next few days, he did his best to survive, even killing another girl in an attempt to play the game, but he was shot by Isabella in a gunfight as revenge for what he had done. Alex, bleeding out, was discovered by Stephanie Cahill, who comforted him in his final moments.

Summary: Season Forty-One was held on the grounds of Tortuga Bay, an amusement park on the coast of Maine which modeled itself after pirate culture and legends. The theme for this season, pirates and maritime culture, was stronger than that seen in many past seasons, closest in lineage to Season Thirty-One's horror stylings. Various pirate themed items were in the weapon pool for the season, students were given costumes that all echoed the high seas era, and in the briefing for the version the students were notified that there was a chest containing “precious booty” somewhere on the island, which a special key would open. Forty-nine students were taken from Willow Park High School for the purposes of the competition, and the game lasted five days.

The season had a fairly normal death rate all the way through, with new killers emerging every day, often replacing killers who perished. The first to kill was Clint Craig, who, thinking the piece of paper he had been assigned was worthless, tackled Ashley Jenner and wrenched the boy's gun out of his hands before turning it on him. The fearful reactions of those around Clint further settled him on pursuing a player's path.

Alex Peacock, initially fearful about his chances in the game, located a sizable group of his friends on the first day after donning his provided pirate outfit. The group (consisting of him, Stephanie Cahill, Isabella Munnings, Julian King, Josh Ash, and Willie Cruz) opted to stick together, forming a "pirate crew" determined to find a way out of the game. Meanwhile, Stephen Wargrave, who had been assigned a third of a map as his weapon, decided to try and find the other two pieces, believing that whatever prize existed would be worthwhile.

The second day was where most of the defining scenes and actions of the season began to coalesce. Stephen found the second part of the map on Ashley Jenner’s corpse—it had been dropped there by Clint Craig after he claimed Ashley’s gun. Stephen managed to locate the third part of the map in the hands of Samuel Webb, the president of the computer club. Gambling that whatever prize the map would lead to would be compensate for having his name on the announcements, Stephen attacked Samuel, bashing the boy's head against a wall several times when his back was turned.

Alex’s group got caught up in a shootout against Clint Craig. Clint managed to kill Willie, splitting the group in two as they fled. Alex, Stephanie, and Josh were in one group, while Julian and Isabella were in another one. Although they managed to reunite near the end of the day, it was not a clean getaway; Julian’s group ended up in another shootout with a minor player en route to the reunion, which resulted in Julian killing their assailant.

Day Three marked the apex of most of the major plotlines. Stephen, having assembled the map, was able to find the key and the chest, which contained an AK-47, body amour, and supplies that could easily last him the rest of the game. After a little consideration, he elected to use his new supplies to pursue victory, actively hunting and killing other contestants from that point forward.

Amy Dyne, who had been hiding with her friends until this point, learned about the death of her boyfriend at Clint’s hands. Spurred by her anger, Amy left her allies, donning her provided costume and hunting for Clint. When she did come across him, she got the drop on him, subduing him with her assigned chloroform. When Clint awoke from his drug-induced slumber, he found that Amy had set up a courtroom for him. Wanting to bring him to justice, Amy held a trial for him, making him recount his actions and—as it was clear that he had acted deliberately—shooting him when he finished his story. Amy found fulfillment and closure in the situation, believing she had acted morally and avenged her boyfriend, and decided to bring her "justice" to others. Her first attempt at this that evening, however, unfolded messily; she held the chloroform rag over the mouth of a girl named Virginia Singleton for too long, killing her flat out. This accident further damaged Amy's mental state, and she doubled down on her shtick, trying to figure out what had gone wrong.

The third day also marked the disbandment of Alex’s crew. Learning of Julian’s killing of another student the previous day, Alex felt that the boy had betrayed the group's principles. He confronted Julian in front of the rest of the crew, getting into an argument with him and—angry at his betrayal and scared that Julian could potentially turn against him and the group when the boy refused to back down—killing him with a shot to the chest. This caused Josh to freak out and desert the group, with Isabella also fleeing in an emotional panic. Although Alex and Stephanie pursued her, by the time they found her hours later, she had killed Keary Robinson in self defense. Once more flying into a rage at another alleged betrayal of his group, Alex got into an argument with Isabella, then kicked her out of the group and left with Stephanie. Stephanie, however, was highly disturbed by the changes she saw in Alex. She confronted him over his actions, and when he refused to acknowledge any wrongdoing, she told him that he was no longer the person she had called a friend, resulting in the two parting ways.

The fourth day saw the contestants dealing with the previous day's fallout and preparing for what was coming. Isabella, smarting from Alex kicking her out of his group and the breakdown of their friendship, opted to lay low, stewing in her thoughts. Eventually, she decided to seek revenge on him at the earliest opportunity. Stephen continued actively hunting down others, while Alex and Stephanie—now each following their own paths—were also forced to kill, abandoning their pacifism as they strived to survive. Amy, at this point, had fully dedicated herself to the idea that she was an enforcer of justice and the only person left representing moral good. She saw the compromises others made as tainting them irrevocably and took it upon herself to prevent the unjust from winning. Josh was one of those who fell into her hands; she coaxed him into a false sense of security, then disarmed him and put him on trial in a kangaroo court, forcing him under torture to admit to sins real and imagined and then executing him for his supposed crimes.

The fifth day formed a climax for the season, with the final ten picking each other off until only one remained. Isabella, having started her search for Alex overnight, finally found him on one of the ships. She attacked him and managed to fatally wound him in the ensuing firefight, though fled before he perished. As Alex laid dying, he was found by Stephanie, who'd been drawn by the sounds of conflict. By his request, she stayed and comforted him as he died. Alex named his killer to Stephanie and soon passed away, reducing her to tears. Stephanie vowed revenge, taking up Alex's blunderbuss and searching for Isabella. She caught up with the girl later in the day, just after Isabella had dispatched the sixth and seventh place finishers, fully committed to playing now that survival was in sight. After a tense firefight, Stephanie was able to sneak around Isabella’s cover and shoot her in the head, killing her. This, combined with kills scored by Amy and Stephen, pushed Season Forty-One into its four-person Endgame.

The finals took place in the movie theater where Stephen’s chest had been hidden, and consisted of Stephanie, Amy, Stephen, and a boy named Spencer Williamson, who had spent the game avoiding trouble to the best of his abilities and had yet to kill. All of them entered the arena alone, but Spencer quickly found Stephen and tried to kill him and steal his gear. This attempt failed, and Stephen quickly shot Spencer to death. The noise attracted Amy, who was able to sneak up on Stephen, who had come to expect more direct assaults. She subdued him with the chloroform, then pulled her usual routine, staging a trial followed by an execution as Stephanie watched from afar. Stephanie planned to ambush Amy when the girl was distracted, but only once she was sure Stephen was also dead. She miscalculated and arrived too late, however, having mistaken Amy's ranting at Stephen's corpse for evidence he was still alive; Amy heard Stephanie's approach and lunged at her suddenly, knocking her down and overpowering her, forcing her rag to Stephanie's face.

She woke some time later, when night had fallen. Amy had bound her to a chair and was attempting to work the theatre’s projector, rambling about a “final trial” for both Stephanie and the audience, who she judged guilty for watching as hundreds of deaths over the years. However, Amy had grown careless and increasing unhinged in her routines, and had accidentally left one of Stephanie’s restraints loose. While Amy was fiddling with the projector, Stephanie was able to undo all of the restraints on her hands and feet. She waited for Amy to get close, then lashed out with a knife she pilfered from her first kill. She slashed out Amy’s left eye, but the girl shot her in response. However, the bulletproof vest that Stephanie had been assigned stopped the bullet from doing critical damage, and she was able to get up again and rush Amy, whose next shot missed. Stephanie stabbed her to death, leaving her the winner of Season Forty-One.


  • Rated as: Average
  • The pirate theme, which could have fallen quite flat, proved to be a success due to the enthusiasm with which many of the players participated in it, with Stephen’s finding of the treasure and the forming of Alex’s crew being highlights. The season is also praised for its action and late-game cast, with contestants such as Amy and Alex offering unusual motivations, and scenes such as Clint Craig’s trial and the spiraling revenge story of the final ten standing out. Although the final scene of Stephanie's escape from the restraints is well regarded by many, the long spans of inaction and the anticlimactic demise of Stephen were marks against it, especially given the repetitive nature of Amy's tactics.
  • Since the show, Tortuga Bay has been reopened under new management, and uses the fact that a season was set in it to full advantage, drawing SOTF fans while staying true to its maritime theme.
  • Stephanie, since her victory, has opted to live her own life, using the money from her merchandising and sponsorships to travel across the world. Although she seems to regret what happened, she has largely disclaimed personal responsibility for it, and is not opposed to continuing association with the show, making occasional appearances when schedules line up and talking about the show on social media.

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Season Forty-Two

Dates: 2016

Winner: Unknown
Runner Up:
Third Place:


Notable Participants:



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Season Forty-Three

Dates: June 2016

Winner: Trinity "Trickshot" Seo (four kills)
Trinity Trickshot Seo Bebinator by Aloha

Trinity Seo (Bebinator by Aloha)

Runner Up: Alana Rodriguez (two kills)
Third Place: Colette Hackmann (five kills)

Location: A summer camp on the shore of Lake Hawthorne in Upper Michigan. Abandoned and allowed to fall into disrepair in the mid-1990s, the camp was purchased and partially restored for this season.

Notable Participants:

  • Trinity "Trickshot" Seo (winner) - A reserved and bookish girl, Trinity was one of the original members of the Iweala Group. She rose to prominence after Morgan's death, when she became the leader of the group's remaining members. She was known for her incredible accuracy and lucky shots during the game, including the unwitting murder of her cousin and the killing blow that assured her victory.
  • Alana Rodriguez (runner-up) – Alana was Morgan's best friend and one of the original members of the Iweala Group. She acted as deputy leader during the first half of the game, and later became the leader of her own group, which split off after Morgan's death.
  • Colette Hackmann (third place) - A fan of the show and the season's first prominent player, Colette was known for her pragmatism and her pyromaniacal streak. A contender in the early stages, she was pushed to the side as the season's focus shifted towards the politics of the Iweala Group. Colette returned to prominence when she killed a fan favorite towards the later stages of the game, and brought her pyromaniac tendencies to endgame.
  • Ty Becker (sixth place) - Van Edwards's closest ally and later brief romantic partner, Ty had a crush on Van before the game, although he only acted upon his feelings during the season. Despite being painted as a supporting character in Van's arc, he ended up outlasting the boy, and almost made it to Endgame.
  • Bradley "Brad" Hawke (ninth place) – Brad was an Eagle Scout notable for his survivalist approach to the game, which reached fanatical levels towards the end of the season. He led a small group known as the Warhawkes, who avoided others and scavenged supplies from corpses.
  • Donovan "Van" Edwards (tenth place) - A delinquent initially pegged as a potential player, Van's time in the game was labeled a "redemption arc" as he protected and grew closer to an unlikely ally, Ty Becker. The pair's relationship turned romantic during the late stages of the game, and they quickly became the star couple of the season.
  • Ian Hutchinson (sixteenth place) - The fourth original member of the Iweala Group, Ian generally stayed out of the limelight in the first half of the game, though he often vocalized his skepticism of his allies' pacifistic methods. He betrayed the Iweala Group when he killed Morgan during an argument, and was later hunted down by the Rodriguez Group for his actions.
  • Morgan Iweala (twentieth place) - A charismatic track star and the class president, Morgan was well-liked among her peers. Deeply against SOTF, she formed a large group in an effort to slow the game to a halt. Despite her failure, she is widely considered to be the most influential participant of the season, as she started the largest alliance in the game and later shattered it with her death at the midpoint of the season.

Summary: Forty seniors from Monocacy Mills High School in Frederick, Maryland boarded a bus under the pretense of going on a senior trip. However, they were instead whisked away to become participants in the latest season of SOTF.

Season Forty-Three was branded as a "summer break" season, themed around the participants being sent to summer camp. The arena included the entirety of Lake Hawthorne, the camp along its northern shore, and the forests, hiking trails, and campgrounds surrounding it. The supplies for this season were based on the outdoors theme (hunting rifles, campfire foods, etc.), and each participant was also issued swimwear.

The first day saw the beginnings of alliances that would define the season. Morgan Iweala met up with her best friend, Alana Rodriguez, and together with Trinity Seo and Ian Hutchinson, she vowed to undermine the game as best she could. She figured that she could grind the show to a halt if she amassed a large enough group, loosely inspired by the damage caused to the game in a similar fashion in Season Thirty-Two.

Around that same time, Van Edwards stumbled in on Kate Rosen holding a kitchen knife to Ty Becker's throat, and sprang into action, saving the boy's life by bashing Kate's skull in with a baseball bat. In the aftermath, Van and Ty formed a tentative alliance; while they were not particularly close back at school, the incident with Kate gave them at least a small measure of trust. Brad Hawke also started his survivalist streak, convincing his best friend, Alec Marshall, that they'd be able to wait it out if they laid low in the woods. In total, seven people died during the first day, the most notable being Jason Fargo and Kristy Rae Jennings, who were burned to death when Colette Hackmann lit their tent on fire. She found, however, that perpetuating such violence in person was quite different from watching others do it, and spent much of the next few days vacillating between wallowing in regret for her actions and trying to hype herself up to repeat them, never settling on either state long enough to make material progress.

Day Two saw six more deaths, and the growth of the existing groups. The Iweala Group stumbled upon an attempted murder in progress, as Johnny Wyatt was about to stab Andy Steele. Morgan tackled Johnny and successfully defused the situation, delivering a poignant speech about morality and the evils of the game. She convinced Johnny and Andy to join her group, and recruited Oriana Parker and Julianne Weiss later that day. They set up headquarters in the camp's mess hall, and Morgan famously confiscated all of their weapons. Brad, meanwhile, rounded out his group with the addition of Frank Yi and Mohammad Alfarsi, then made no further attempts to recruit, reasoning that four was the ideal number. The group, dubbed "the Warhawkes" by fans, began salvaging supplies from dead bodies and abandoned areas.

On Day Three, seven people died. In the afternoon, Van and Ty were ambushed by Griffin Reyes and Howie Wright, a pair of cooperating players. Van bludgeoned Griffin but was shot in the foot by Howie. Ty, however, rescued him by pulling out a pistol and shooting Howie in the head. The pair managed to safely retreat to a secluded cabin, where Ty dressed his wound and they settled in for the night.

That day, the Iweala Group swelled to twelve members as Asa Nunez, Corbin Abernathy, Emily Rockwood, and Duncan O'Donohue joined their campaign. The group also endured its first conflict that night, as the Warhawkes attempted to raid the mess hall for the stockpiled weapons and rations. A brief firefight erupted, which ended with two of the Iweala Group wounded and the Warhawkes retreating. Trinity Seo, one of the Iweala group members who'd grabbed a weapon from the stockpile to fend off their assailants, managed to shoot one of them (who she later learned was her cousin, Frank Yi) in the head right before he disappeared into the treeline, impressing a couple of the others and prompting Ian Hutchinson to nickname her "Trickshot."

By now, the Iweala Group was attracting considerable attention. After the death of Cedric Li marked the halfway point of the season, only eight of the remaining twenty participants were not part of Morgan's coalition. Fans and executives alike were worried that the group might succeed in slowing the pace of the game dramatically. A number of contingency plans were proposed, including making the mess hall a danger zone and, more extreme, using danger zones to force the students entirely into the wilderness, where stress and discomfort might take their toll.

As it turned out, however, the problem solved itself. In the aftermath of the firefight, Morgan chastised Trinity for shooting the boy. Alana and Ian came to her defense, arguing that Morgan's policy of hard pacifism was ineffective, and it was only the actions of the members who'd taken up arms to defend themselves that had saved the entire group from annihilation. The debate was abruptly cut off as Morgan suggested they sleep on it and reassess come morning when tensions were lower, and the others agreed, with Ian taking the first watch. Later on, in the early hours of the fourth day, Morgan caught him sifting through the confiscated weapons pile when coming to relieve him. A hushed argument broke out, with Morgan ushering him outside in an attempt to keep the situation from waking (or coming to the attention of) the others. Morgan refused to compromise, and admitted that she had no plans to actually consider changing her stance; in a fit of rage, Ian stabbed Morgan in the throat with a knife from the armory that he'd concealed. Once he realized what he'd done, Ian scrounged together some supplies and disappeared into the night.

Morgan's body would not be discovered until morning, and her death shocked the group, who were further rattled at the realization that, with their watch order disrupted, they'd been effectively defenseless overnight. After spending half the day arranging an impromptu funeral, the group returned to the debate from the previous night with intensified passions. The members quickly polarized around Trinity Seo, who stayed faithful to Morgan's original ideals, and Alana Rodriguez, who wanted to adopt a more militant approach to breaking the game. Things nearly became physical between the pair, but the other group members held each girl back. Trinity angrily expelled Alana from the group, and anybody who agreed with her was also sent packing.

And thus, the Iweala Group split into two: those who defected (the Rodriguez Group: Alana Rodriguez, Andy Steele, Emily Rockwood, Corbin Abernathy, and Oriana Parker) and those who stayed (the Seo Group: Trinity Seo, Asa Nunez, Johnny Wyatt, Julianne Weiss, and Duncan O'Donohue). The split hit the fandom like a storm, with fans quickly polarizing themselves as "Team Seo" or "Team Rodriguez." The show runners capitalized on this hype by scrapping plans to interfere via Danger Zone, hoping that the groups would destroy each other, or at least engage in interesting conflict.

Only four people died on Day Four, including Morgan and Mohammad Alfarsi, who succumbed to wounds sustained during the failed raid. Fans' attention that day largely focused on Ty and Van, who were still camped out in the cabin. Ty's crush on Van had come to light, and, surprisingly, things turned romantic between the two. They spent an intimate night together that cemented the pair as the season's star couple.

The fifth day came and went with a startlingly low two deaths, though the quantity was made up for by the high quality of one of the kills. The Rodriguez Group caught up with Ian Hutchinson that day, and took revenge on him for his killing of Morgan despite his protests that he had in fact shared their point of view. The group brutally tortured Ian for hours before throwing him into the lake. The other death was that of Alec Marshall, who went to investigate a bag beside a corpse and blown up by a tripwire trap set by Larry Lee, a minor player who had actually died early in the game, leaving Brad the only remaining Warhawke.

The pace of action picked up explosively on Day Six, when the Rodriguez and Seo Groups encountered each other in the early afternoon. Tensions ran high as Seo's group was appalled by the brutality of Ian's death, made clear by the announcements, and Rodriguez's group chastised the others for not avenging Morgan. A vicious fight broke out between the groups, but neither gained the upper hand. The fight directly resulted in four deaths: Corbin Abernathy and Emily Rockwood from the Rodriguez Group (the latter at Trinity's hands), and Julianne Weiss and Duncan O'Donohue from the Seo Group. Many of the survivors also sustained heavy injuries, and any lingering concern that the groups might pose a threat to the season's integrity evaporated.

Later that day, Ty and Van stumbled upon a crazed Brad Hawke, traumatized by the annihilation of his group. During the ensuing scuffle, Brad managed to shoot Van in the stomach. In one of the most emotionally charged scenes of the season, Ty went berserk, savagely beating Brad to death with Van's baseball bat, crying the entire time. Van ended up dying in Ty's arms soon afterwards, capping off the six deaths of the sixth day.

Day Seven opened up with only eight remaining participants, and Endgame was clearly drawing near. Both groups lost members as Asa Nunez from the Seo Group succumbed to wounds sustained in yesterday's fight, and Oriana Parker from the Rodriguez Group committed suicide, despairing over killing her friend, Julianne Weiss. Ty Becker was also killed when he ran into and was stabbed by Colette Hackmann, who had finally settled on playing, justifying it to herself by the advanced stage of the game and the fact that she had already committed just about the worst violence she could manage. This killing returned her to the spotlight, albeit in a controversial fashion.

With Ty's death, Endgame was set into motion, and the remaining five competitors were called to the mess hall. Colette showed up first, and pilfered a can of gasoline from a supply shed; having found a close-quarters killing somewhat more difficult than her first murders, she sought a return to what had seemed a fairly easy, if distasteful, method of securing kills. She doused the building's perimeter before running off to hide, hoping she could catch the remaining four in one fell swoop. Alana and Andy arrived next and agreed to split up, vowing not to kill each other. Around that same time, Trinity and Johnny approached from the opposite direction, deciding to stick together.

The advantage of the remaining Seo Alliance members was short-lived, however, as they encountered Andy Steele soon after arrival. Andy shot and killed Johnny with his crossbow, but was tackled to the ground by Trinity, who slit his throat after a brief struggle. Taking the crossbow, Trinity disappeared into the mess hall. Colette had watched the entire ordeal unfold, and decided to start the fire after Trinity entered. Alana stumbled onto the girl as she lit the match, though, and managed to throw Colette into the fire she'd started, kicking her back into the burning as she tried to claw her way to safety. Alana then, in a move lauded by fan's of SOTF's cinematic nature and heavily criticized by fans of its tactical possibilities, entered the burning building in pursuit of Trinity.

The final showdown between the leaders of the two groups was heightened by tension, as both girls prowled the burning building. In a moment that some call anticlimactic, but others adore, Alana tried to get the jump on Trinity, but the other girl whipped around and put an arrow through her throat. Despite the added difficulties caused by the fire, Trinity Seo was safely extracted from the arena, and was named the victor of Season Forty-Three.


  • Rated as: Good
  • While not a classic, Season Forty-Three is best remembered for the dynamic group politics that shaped the course of the game, which drew some comparisons to Season Twenty-Two. Many fans from this era still pledge their allegiances to Team Seo or Team Rodriguez, with some contrarians on Team Warhawke. The Seo-Rodriguez feud is depicted in merchandise and fan works as a classic group rivalry.
  • Another highlight of the season was the relationship between Ty Becker and Van Edwards, dubbed "Tyvan" by fans. The ship is prominent in that sect of the fanbase, and still has a small but dedicated following.
  • The conclusion to Ty's arc, however, is somewhat infamous and remains a controversial blemish upon the season. While Colette had a decent enough impact, many fans were highly disappointed at the sudden and largely-random nature of Ty's death, especially coming as it did just prior to Endgame. His killing made Colette one of the most hated contestants of the season, but her actions and eventual fate didn't provide as much payoff as many would prefer; her role in Endgame, as in much of the season, was more to set the stage for other contestants.
  • Trinity "Trickshot" Seo enjoyed a moderate amount of fame following her victory, albeit marred by a small but vocal base of Rodriguez Group fanatics who took every opportunity to heavily criticize her. A more prominent controversy was raised after a letter written by one of her uncles, a prominent Korean-American Baptist pastor, circulated online. In the letter, her uncle disavowed her for her actions during the game, especially for killing her cousin. Estranged from her family, Trinity soon disappeared from the public eye, electing to use her show earnings to get through college. She returned to the limelight briefly during a scandal in 2018, when she was assaulted by Ellen Rockwood, the mother of a girl she'd killed during the game, during an SOTF-related event in New York City, one of a vanishingly small number of such incidents. Trinity graduated from Northwestern University in Spring 2020 with a degree in journalism, and was last reported getting a job as a reporter with a Seattle-based news station.

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Season Forty-Four

Dates: 2016

Winner: Kieran Hanley (eight kills)
Runner Up: Clark Rogers
Third Place: Mark Ferguson

Location: St. Bayards High School

Notable Participants:

  • Kieran Hanley - Arguable villain and winner of Season 44, Kieran Hanley ended the game with eight kills.

Summary: This season of SOTF involved the students of St. Bayards High School. Due to the large size of the school, the school itself was where the students were forced to kill or die. A large number of the deaths occurred in the school auditorium, which included several shootings, M04 Clark Rogers beating F20 Selena Hamilton to death with a metal strut and F15 Esme Lee being pushed down the steps of the auditorium by F17 Wendy Yuan.

The winner, and arguable main villain, was M10 Kieran Hanley, who started with a switchblade as his weapon. For the first quarter of the game, he was fairly low-key. It was only when he got in a group with James Warwick, Mark Ferguson, Finlay Harrison and Dinah Davies that he started to play. One night, he was selected as the lookout for the group. During the night, he stabbed James and Dinah in the neck, then shot Finlay with Dinah's gun. The noise woke Mark, however, who managed to escape. Kieran then went on to kill four more of his classmates, shooting three of them and strangling the fourth, before reaching the final three, which included him, Clark Rogers, and Mark Ferguson. Clark was actually on the verge of killing Kieran, before Mark mistook him for Kieran and shot him in the back of the neck. When Mark went over to investigate who Clark was attacking, Kieran shot him in the forehead. He then proceeded to ensure Mark was dead by shooting him in the heart.


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Season Forty-Five

Dates: Late Summer 2016

Winner: Ivy Jain (seven kills)
Ivy Jain rinmaru by Zarina

Ivy Jain (generated by backslash)

Runner Up: Carlisle Scott (five kills)
Third Place: Mary Kelly Sorenson (two kills)

Location: An uninhabited part of the Ten Thousand Islands, a chain of islands and mangrove islets off the southwestern coast of Florida. Several close-set small islands and islets were utilized, with the arena boundaries designated by a series of ropes and buoys.

Notable Participants:

  • Ivy Jain (winner) – The right-hand woman of popular clique leader Elizabeth Fletcher, Ivy proved herself to be much more than an obedient grunt when she took advantage of her group’s splintering to betray and kill Elizabeth. An enthusiastic adherent of the “femme fatale” archetype, Ivy’s game was marked by drama and tragedy as she compromised her friends, allies, and her own morals again and again to come out as the season’s top killer and winner.
  • Carlisle Scott (runner-up) – An intriguing villain, Carlisle underwent a surprisingly understated breakdown early in the game after an alliance with his best friend and his girlfriend imploded, resulting in the other two dying and Carlisle himself sustaining serious injuries. He quietly retreated into the cover of the mangroves, where he spent his game setting up traps and killing others primarily through indirect means.
  • Mary Kelly Sorenson (third place) – An athlete and outdoors enthusiast, Mary Kelly was better suited to the unusual environment than many of her classmates. Her playstyle is regarded as one of raw skill and survival knowledge, which in many fans’ eyes makes up for her low profile in contrast with her fellow finalists.
  • Zackary “Zack” Lovelace (fourth place, five kills) – Zack was one of Season Forty-Five’s top killers, along with Ivy and Carlisle. A delinquent held back two years, Zack had the advantage of age and size over most of his classmates, as well as an intense dislike for many of them (which, in many cases, was mutual due to his reputation and manner). Zack became known as a brutal player who vastly preferred his assigned brass knuckles or his bare hands to any other available weapon.
  • Malia Hayes (eighteenth place, no kills) – Malia was Ivy Jain’s girlfriend, and the victim of what many consider to be Ivy’s most heart-wrenching betrayal. Driven to despair by the deaths of her friends and the knowledge that her girlfriend was a killer, Malia attempted to make a suicide pact with Ivy, only for Ivy to back out at the last moment.
  • Elizabeth Fletcher (twenty-fourth place, one kill) – The leader of a clique of girl bullies, Elizabeth tried to set herself up as the head of a pack of players, but infighting and chaos allowed her opportunistic follower, Ivy, to kill her and bring the group down from within.
  • Stephen Ellis (thirty-sixth place, one kill) – Stephen was Carlisle Scott’s best friend, and the twin brother of Carlisle’s girlfriend, Emily. An early meeting between the three of them went sour due to paranoia and led to Stephen killing his sister in a panic when he became convinced that she and Carlisle would team up and betray him.
  • Emily Ellis (thirty-seventh place, no kills) – Carlisle’s girlfriend and Stephen’s twin sister, Emily made attempts to cling to both boys for protection and support but ended up inadvertently turning their suspicions on each other, leading to both her and Stephen’s deaths.

Summary: Season Forty-Five saw forty students from Ash Point High School in the Tampa Bay area participating in an arena made up of small islands and islets in the Ten Thousand Islands mangrove island chain off the coast of southwestern Florida. The arena boundaries were designated by a series of ropes and buoys in the water; bypassing the boundaries was easy, but would result in immediate collar detonation. The islands were not connected by any artificial means not already in place; most were accessible from other locations by wading or swimming a short distance, or by navigating through clumps of mangrove trees. The game lasted just a few hours short of six days.

The first day was slow, with a trio of collar detonations due to students leaving the arena the only deaths until the evening. Carlisle Scott met and grouped up with his girlfriend, Emily Ellis, and his best friend and Emily’s twin, Stephen, earlier in the day. Things started off well, but Emily’s fright and need for reassurance resulted in frequent out-loud musings on how the three of them were likely going to die, typically leading to her demanding promises from both of the boys that they would protect her against any threats. This gradually wore down everyone’s nerves, until Stephen became convinced that Emily was trying to turn him and Carlisle against each other—or, worse, that she would simply convince Carlisle that Stephen was a threat and engineer his elimination.

Stephen’s paranoia grew until the trio settled down for the evening, at which point Carlisle ventured away from Stephen and Emily in search of tinder to make a fire. Emily started in with her imaginings of a gory death and whining for comfort once again, until Stephen snapped and menaced her with the switchblade he had been assigned, demanding that she admit to plotting against him with Carlisle and attacking her when she failed to immediately do so. Carlisle was drawn back to their campsite by Emily’s screams and arrived just in time to find her dying at the feet of a deranged Stephen, who immediately moved to attack him as well. Carlisle managed to overpower Stephen and kill the boy with his own switchblade, then proceeded to have a quiet breakdown at the realization that he had just lost the two most important people to him. Footage of Carlisle’s breakdown as twilight fell, alone on the beach save for the two bodies and nearly silent, is widely regarded as a very haunting moment. A still image of Carlisle on his knees and silhouetted against the sunset became one of the most iconic images of the season.

Following his breakdown, Carlisle gathered up his and the Ellis's supplies and retreated to a copse of mangrove trees, which he would spend the rest of the game moving amongst and setting traps within to catch and kill other contestants. He utilized the piano wire garrote and yards of rope that he and Emily had respectively been assigned as tripwires, nooses, and underwater snares, and used the switchblade to carve small branches into spikes. He also utilized the knife for close-range kills when victims managed to survive his traps. After entering the mangroves, Carlisle was rarely seen clearly; the bulk of the shots featuring him saw him climbing quietly through the trees, approaching victims through the water, and, at one point, silently watching a group from a hidden vantage point as they approached his traps. This gave him the image of an unnerving hidden killer.

Action began to pick up later that night and continued into Day Two, with Zackary Lovelace racking up two kills in close succession, and Elizabeth Fletcher’s clique-turned-player group coming together. Assuming what she felt was her natural position as leader, Elizabeth directed her followers to kill any potential threats outside of the group, with the private goal of using the other girls as fodder to keep herself safe. Some of the girls went along willingly, but it didn’t take long for tensions to show. On the second night, Malia Hayes, girlfriend of Elizabeth’s second-in-command, Ivy Jain, approached the group and was coolly rebuffed by Elizabeth. In response, Malia took the group to task for the deaths they’d been responsible for in a long, memorable rant before imploring Ivy to leave the group and go with her. Angered, Elizabeth ordered that Malia be killed, only to be met with hesitation from the bulk of her followers and outright opposition from Ivy and Malia's friend, Bailey Gambaro. A fight broke out, during which Malia escaped and Elizabeth snatched Ivy’s gun out of her hands and shot Bailey dead before declaring that no dissent would be tolerated. Instead of cementing her authority, however, this led the others to realize how expendable they were in Elizabeth’s eyes, though it briefly quashed active resistance.

On Day Three, the first of two memorable chases involving Mary Kelly Sorenson and Zack Lovelace occurred, starting when Zack, fresh off another kill, startled Mary Kelly while she fished and pursued her across two separate islands. Mary Kelly eventually shook Zack's pursuit, but was jumped again almost immediately by Desmond Brand. Mary Kelly managed to drown the boy, and from that point forwards played a cautious game, relying on her outdoors skills while intentionally avoiding shelter where more students would gather.

In the afternoon, Elizabeth’s group finally fell apart. Rose Prescott had snuck away during the night for fear of Elizabeth turning on her next, and Monica Winston and Stephanie Choi were quietly trying to convince Ivy to help them get rid of Elizabeth, stating that they should continue as a smaller player group. This plan collapsed when Elizabeth realized what was going on and screamed at Ivy to kill them. Surprisingly, Ivy obliged, but then turned her gun on Elizabeth herself while the girl gloated.

Throughout the rest of the game, Ivy would play herself up as a clueless pawn and victim of Elizabeth as much as she was able, drawing others in with fake tears and sometimes feigned or exaggerated injury so she could get a clear shot. For many, Ivy’s shining (or most despicable) moment came during her reunion with Malia that night. Heartbroken and exhausted from the physical and emotional demands of the game, Malia tearfully begged Ivy to commit suicide with her using the bottle of arsenic she had been assigned. Ivy agreed, but when Malia swallowed her handful of the poison, Ivy poured her own portion into the dirt and watched as her girlfriend died. Ivy showed grief and regret over Malia’s death several times afterwards, but maintained that she intended to survive and win at all costs.

Ivy, Carlisle, and Zack would become the game’s top killers, accounting for the deaths of almost half of the season's contestants between the three of them. There was a gradual slowdown of action from the halfway point until Endgame, though this period did feature a few standout scenes, including Zack’s second chase with Mary Kelly (whose breathless vocal exasperation became memetic) and Ivy’s short and bloody reunion with Rose, in which Ivy lured the girl into believing she had been critically injured while defending herself against the entire remainder of Elizabeth's alliance before revealing the truth the second Rose dropped her guard.

Endgame took place in one of the more lightly-wooded sections of the mangroves that Carlisle had hidden himself in during the game, and included the water surrounding them. Zack was the first to reach the area, quashing his impatience managing to lay low for once. When Ivy arrived, he tackled her and beat her badly; when she stopped responding, seemingly dead, he tossed her aside and took her gun. Mary Kelly arrived, following the sounds just in time to discover the aftermath of Zack's fight with Ivy, instigating her third and final chase with the boy. While dodging his unskilled shots, Mary Kelly lured him closer and closer to Carlisle’s underwater snares, which she had noticed during her approach, but she miscalculated and got tangled up in the wires along with Zack. As the two struggled, a battered and nearly-unrecognizable Ivy appeared, having regained consciousness, and helped Mary Kelly half-strangle and half-drown Zack, making the only kill of the season that two people were credited for.

This cooperation lasted only until Zack's demise was certain. Knowing that she couldn’t match Mary Kelly physically, Ivy dove down to retrieve her gun from where Zack had dropped it while Mary Kelly struggled to free herself from the snare. Carlisle, however, finally emerged from the mangroves and stabbed Mary Kelly to death before she could completely free herself. As Ivy resurfaced, she emptied the rest of her ammo in Carlisle’s direction, severely wounding him. The rest of the game was a tense, drawn-out affair as Carlisle and Ivy both tried to stealthily make their way around the arena, each waiting for the other to succumb to their accumulated wounds.

Carlisle would be the one to fall, a combination of blood loss and infection from the injuries he had sustained on the first day finally causing him to lose consciousness and fall out of the trees into the water. The final shot of the season was not of Ivy, but of Carlisle face-up and slowly sinking into the water as he bled out before the camera faded to black.


  • Rated as: Very Good
  • Season 45 is very well regarded among fans of big killers, and the variety offered between Ivy Jain’s femme fatale, Carlisle Scott’s quiet tactician, and Zackary Lovelace’s brutal hands-on style gives the season appeal for fans of different player types. Outdoors enthusiasts also hold up Mary Kelly Sorenson as the dark horse finalist, with a vocal minority arguing that she would have been preferable to the prolific killers as a winner.
  • Carlisle Scott in particular received posthumous fame for his status as an unusual player and his inclusion in some of the most iconic moments of the season, and he is heavily featured on merchandise to this day. He is subject to much fan speculation compared to the rest of the finalists due to the fact that, unlike them, he never gave any reason for his decision to kill, leaving it unclear whether that was his plan all along or if he snapped after his early traumatic experience.
  • Ivy’s post-season tour as winner was delayed several months due to the need for significant reconstructive surgery to repair her face after Zackary nearly killed her. Once she was back in the public eye, she had to fight for attention with some more recent winners, though she was able to launch an acting and modeling career once she had fully recovered. Despite her success, Ivy is clearly a very damaged person; her actions during the game eventually estranged her from her family, and her career has been put on hold several times while she was in and out of rehab for substance abuse, generally centering on a painkiller addiction that can be traced back to her first months of recovering from SOTF and surgery. She is often featured in tabloids for starlet misbehavior or dramatic breakups with whichever woman she most recently dated.

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Season Forty-Six

Dates: October 31 - November 5 2016

Winner: Elliot Rakowski (seven kills)
Runner Up: Jonathan "Johnnie" Albright (two kills)
Third Place: Cole Buckley (three kills)

Location: A Mexican island village in the Gulf of California, recently evacuated due to concern regarding seismic activity and pressed into service by the TV producers prior to the return of its inhabitants.

Notable Participants:

  • Elliot Rakowski (winner) – An aspiring video blogger from Northfield High School in Northfield, Minnesota, Elliot was renowned for his transformation into the most prolific killer of the game. He started out as "player hunter" but eventually became judge, jury, and executioner of anyone he came across, often inventing reasons to kill as they suited him. He won Season Forty-Six after killing runner-up Johnnie Albright in a brutal brawl.
  • Jonathan "Johnnie" Albright (runner-up) – The lead guitarist of Northfield's most well-known teenage rock band, Johnnie was notable for his non-lethal approach to the game, always attempting to take down potential attackers and threats without killing them, instead depriving them of their weapons or knocking them out. This was not a purely altruistic or moral stance, however; he believed he would not be able to get work or bookings if he arrived back home a murderer, given how it would contrast the image he had otherwise cultivated for himself. Johnnie suffered a mental breakdown after accidentally killing his Endgame ally, and engaged in a long, brutal brawl with Elliot Rakowski, where the other boy eventually got the upper hand and strangled him to death.
  • Cole Buckley (third place) – One of the star members of Northfield's football team, Cole's approach to the game was contrary to his large size and demeanour. Cole stayed in the shadows when possible, hiding from groups, taking kills from stragglers, and stealing supplies and weapons when they were not being properly looked after. Cole was set to repeat this strategy for Endgame, but accidentally triggered one of the final remaining traps on the island, which scared him into the open where he was gunned down in a firefight between Elliot and Johnnie.
  • Harleen Chaudry (fourth place) – President of Northfield's environmental club, Harleen was a leader through and through and tried to keep together a strong group of her friends throughout the game. This group was notable for the fact it was briefly partnered with “The UN,” three of whom would go on to escape the season. However, Harleen could not protect her own group well enough, and by the time she reached the end they only she survived. She teamed up with Johnnie Albright, the other notable non-killer left, near the end of the game and stayed with him until Endgame. Harleen was killed by a stray bullet fired by her own ally as she tried to attack Elliot.
  • Cheryl Teague (fourteenth place) – The school nurse's daughter, Cheryl spent most of the game protecting people from harm and killers successfully, even going so far as to fight them off, killing several aggressors in retaliation. However, this ended up marking her as a target of Elliot Rakowski, who chased and hunted her for almost a day, as he rationalized her actions as worth killing her for. She was chased across the entire island before finally being caught and killed by Elliot.
  • "The UN" (Zalika Attwood (twenty-eighth place), Adam Nejem (twenty-seventh place), and Felix Berger (twenty-sixth place)) – A group (originally also including Zalika’s brother, Chukwundi) who came together due to mutual need but stayed together with the intention of getting Zalika off the island. Zalika was a passionate girl interested in speech and debate who had already written several editorials for the school newspaper about why SOTF needed to be stopped. Adam was one of Zalika's brother's teammates, who had an unrequited crush on her, and Felix was one of the school newspaper's editors, and was thus familiar with Zalika's writing. The group believed that if she were to escape, she could use the renown of being a surviving participant of SOTF to turn the public against the show. They worked with the environmental club to repair a dilapidated boat, but were split up by David Washington, who ended up killing Chukwundi. Stirred by the loss of her brother, Zalika decided to take more direct methods of escape. Adam and Felix, under Zalika's guidance, would eventually start torturing other students, subjecting them to environmental intensities in order to test the collars, until they eventually find out a well-placed shock via taser would disable the explosives inside. They left a trail of five bodies behind them en route to this discovery, three by Felix's hand and two by Adam's; Zalika did not kill anyone herself. After disabling their collars, they patched up the escape boat and made it out into the Gulf of California, where they were picked up by the production team.
  • David Washington (twenty-ninth place) – One of Northfield's football players, David was an early-game killer who spread his time between taking out contestants who couldn’t defend themselves and mugging for the camera. David seemed set to go far in the game, however, one of the early kills to his name was Chukwundi Attwood, Zalika Attwood's brother. On their second encounter, Zalika and her group were already on their way to escape the island after disabling their collars, and David broke down and begged to be let into their group. In response, Felix Berger shot him in the head on Zalika's behalf.
  • Pace Coombs (thirty-ninth place) - One of the season’s earliest killers, Pace was a smart, tactical player who took his targets unawares and used hostages in order to secure supplies that would last him the entire game, and seemed destined to make it far. One of his first attacks, however, was on the school drama club, which included Elliot Rakowski. Unbeknownst to Pace, Elliot started hunting him in order to extract revenge, and when Elliot finally caught up, he gained the upper hand before goading Pace into attacking, at which point Elliot shot him in the chest and head.
  • Chukwundi "Chuck" Attwood (forty-first place) - Chukwundi, or “Chuck”, was Zalika's brother, a soccer player and the son of mixed African immigrants who eventually settled in Northfield. Chuck was hot-headed and idealistic, but he did eventually put forth the idea to his group that they should make sure his sister, a passionate debater and protester against SOTF, got off the island so that she could put a stop to the show once and for all. While the group collaborated with Harleen Chaudry's alliance to rebuild a dilapidated old boat in order to facilitate their escape, they were ambushed by David Washington, and Chuck was killed protecting his sister from harm, buying time for her to escape.

Summary: Fifty-three students participated in Season Forty-Six, all of them seniors from Northfield High School in Northfield, Maine. The arena for the season was an island village in the Gulf of California, Mexico, which had been abandoned due to seismic activity; it was adorned with both Dia De Los Muertos and American Halloween decorations. The season took place during both Halloween and the Mexican Day of the Dead celebrations, and thus they became the theme of the season; many of the assigned weapons and costumes were fitted to the holidays, with a number being knockoff store-bought trick-or-treat outfits and weapons. The island also held many specifically-placed trigger traps that produced manufactured jump scares, designed to put all the students on edge no matter where they were on the island. These could be set off by either the students themselves or the producers, but the further in the season went, the less the traps were used.

The first day saw the formation of several notable groups. Harleen Chaudry united the environmental club, Johnnie Albright teamed up with several of his bandmates, a group of social outcasts was headed and protected by Cheryl Teague, the school's drama club (including Elliot Rakowski and Max Ainsley) briefly united, and the eventual escape group (known by the fandom derisively as "The UN," including Zalika Attwood, her brother Chukwundi or "Chuck," Adam Nejem, and Felix Berger) actively sought methods to escape the island rather than simply staying together for comfort or safety. Many of the notable early killers and players also got their starts early, including Tasmin Gibson, Pace Coombs, Breann Keys, and David Washington, who would collectively go on to rack up the majority of the kills on the first day.

Chuck eventually put forth to the rest of his group that his sister, with her history of speaking against SOTF and her passionate editorials for the school paper and debate performances which had won local awards, should be the one to either win the game or escape the island, as she would be able to do the most damage to SOTF if she managed to survive. While not entirely happy with the idea, both Adam and Felix were in agreement that if they weren't able to live, Zalika should. While initially unnerved at the idea of being turned into a figurehead—or, even worse, a martyr—Zalika accepted the responsibility of figuring out how she was going to get off the island, hopefully with her brother and friends.

Meanwhile, the drama club (consisting of Reagan MacCleod, Victor Armstrong, Patrice Lusk, Calista Nixon, plus Max and Elliot) was in disarray, as nobody had any concrete ideas on how to move forward or protect themselves. An attack by Pace Coombs saw Reagan and Patrice killed, and Elliot eventually grew frustrated at the remainder’s inability to keep them safe as well as Max's oblivious self-centeredness, and abandoned them to extract revenge upon Pace. Cheryl's group (consisting of Kimmy MacLean, Lorna Hayes, Kaiden Young, and Wayland Burns) was much luckier, as while they were attacked similarly by Tasmin Gibson, Cheryl put herself on the line and protected them all, eventually killing Tasmin by turning the girl's weapon back onto her. Kaiden ended up dying from a stray bullet fired by Tasmin, but Cheryl's efforts saw the rest of them survive most of the early game.

Eventually, Harleen's group of environmentalists joined up with Zalika's group at the island's docks, and together they found a decently sized but fairly dilapidated boat that they hoped to use to physically escape the island. While not a perfect plan, it was a start, and the group collectively started working on making the boat at least temporarily seaworthy enough to hold them. They collectively worked on it for most of the second day, until they were discovered by David Washington, who opened fired and killed two members of the environmental club. This caused the remainder of them to scatter, but Chuck stayed behind in order to allow time for his sister to escape, eventually dying at David's hands.

After joining back together with her group, Zalika was distraught at the death of her brother, but vowed to push forward in his name. However, while the boat was near completion, the question remained as to how they would leave the island without their collars being detonated. Felix, who had seen many past seasons, put forth the idea that subjecting the collars to extreme environmental pressures could be a way to disable the explosives inside. They would not be able to test this on themselves without risking immediate death, however, and Felix eventually put forth the idea that they could test their theories on other participants, which Adam and Zalika were both initially vehemently opposed to. As their lack of better options became clear, their desire to survive no matter the cost won out, and they eventually conceded.

Meanwhile, Elliot finally caught up to Pace and extracted a measure of revenge upon him for the deaths of his friends. He first disarmed Pace of his weapons, then goaded him into attacking, upon which Elliot shot him in the chest and head. Elliot decided from that point on that he would take it upon himself to hunt down players, and started paying special note to the announcements for those who had killed.

Johnnie Albright and his group were doing much better than many of the other groups on the island—by the second day, they were holed up in a plantation house, none of the six had died, and while they had been attacked by Breann Keys, Johnnie had managed to disarm and disable her, eventually letting her go (she would be killed by Elliot the next day). However, internal fighting saw the group split in two, with most of Johnnie's bandmates on one side (including Kirby Glanville, Wilford "Wil" Murdoch, and Gregg Fairbairn), and Johnnie; his girlfriend, Florentina "Flo" Hoffman; and her friend, Emmy Rayne, on the other. While they agreed to split, the side opposing Johnnie wanted the plantation house, which Johnnie’s side also desired. As the argument turned heated, one of the students accidentally set off a noisemaker trap, which was mistaken for gunfire and misread by all involved as a violent overture, leading to some of the students opening fire. Florentina was killed when Johnnie refused to use lethal force against his bandmates, and Johnnie and Emmy were forced to flee.

On the third day, Zalika and her group had set up at the school, where they began roping in passing friendly students in order to test the collars and their durability to extreme conditions. By the end of the day, two students, Calista and Emmy, had been drowned in a tub; another, Gregg, had gone into shock and died from severe burns to the neck; and another, Keelan Lorenz (one of Adam's teammates), had his heart give out from repeated electrical shocks from Felix’s assigned taser. This final test, however, had revealed that a perfectly-placed shock to the collar would disable the explosives inside and render the collar useless. Though the pain was almost unbearable, the three would-be escapees shocked their collars in quick succession, hoping to disable them before the production team could detonate any of them (and unaware that no such plan was in place at the time).

Zalika's group returned to the docks in order to finish patching up the boat, where they stumbled upon David again. Realizing that they had successfully disabled their collars and were on their way out, David broke down and begged to come with them, explaining that he had never wanted to play beyond for his own survival and ready to turn away from violence in an instant if it meant he'd live. However, Zalika used the opportunity to exact revenge for the death of her brother, ordering Felix to shoot David; Felix complied with a bullet to the head before the boy could beg for his life further. Using the tools available, Zalika and the boys finally completed repairs to the boat, and they rowed it out far enough to drift into the Gulf of California under the cover of night, where after several hours they were picked up by production, seeing their escape acknowledged and them declared officially released from Season Forty-Six.

The game on the island still raged on, however, as Elliot had moved on from player hunting to targeting anyone who came his way. Having successfully killed off several of the early killers (including Pace, Breann, and Florentina's murderer, Kirby Glanville), he eventually turned to hunting down anyone he considered "guilty," a verdict he bestowed for having committed any sort of morally questionable action whatsoever, or even killing in self-defense. Elliot had racked up another kill of a seemingly-innocent student, and attacked or injured several more without managing to finish them off, before running across Cheryl and her group.

Recognizing Cheryl’s name from the announcements, Elliot announced his intention to put her to "justice," but only realized afterwards that Cheryl had bolted halfway into his speech, leaving her group to fend for themselves. Elliot added that to her list of sins and pursued her across most of the island. Cheryl’s group, meanwhile, shattered without her, all falling to killers within several hours of her departure, including Cole Buckley, whose emergence from the shadows in order to break Wayland's neck is considered one of the scariest scenes of the season, with the camera angles perfectly evoking a horror movie.

Cheryl would eventually be caught by Elliot and summarily executed, but she managed to extract a small measure of revenge by wounding Elliot’s leg, severely limiting his long-distance mobility and preventing him from pursuing anyone else for extended periods for the rest of the game. Harleen, the remainder of her group dead or splintered off, eventually ran into Johnnie and, realizing that they both had no intentions of killing, allied with him for the rest of the game.

Two more kills by Cole and one by Elliot combined with a few accidents or mutual kills brought the game to its final five, with the remainder of Cheryl's group among the fallen. Max Ainsley eventually emerged from hiding, realizing he was one of the last few people left alive. He celebrated, before accidentally slipping off the steep slope he was located on and smashing his head open in the fall, leaving Endgame to officially begin with a final four.

Harleen and Johnnie entered Endgame with the intention of killing both Elliot and Cole, then figuring out which of them would survive if necessary based on the situation. They set up an ambush for Elliot, using Breann’s stolen weapons as bait, but as Harleen jumped out to attack Elliot, Johnnie also fired at him. The shot went wild and hit Harleen in the neck, killing her quickly. Realizing he’d shot someone totally innocent, and believing in a delusional panic that he had in this way permanently tarnished his reputation and branded himself as evil, Johnnie completely lost his grip and entered a firefight with Elliot with the sole intention of killing the boy and then himself. However, their fight was interrupted by Cole accidentally triggering one of the last remaining traps on the island and being scared out into the open, where he was shot almost immediately by Johnnie. The firefight raged on for a while, but both boys eventually ran out of ammunition without inflicting major damage on each other. They quickly resorted to fighting with the melee weapons they had left, and when those were broken or lost the two entered a lengthy bare-fist brawl. The fight finally ended when Elliot managed to trip and pin Johnnie, and slowly strangled him, leaving a badly-injured Elliot the last remaining person alive on the island and the winner of Season Forty-Six.


  • Rated as: Good
  • While fans were initially skeptical of the theme and the haphazard way it was implemented in the opening days, they were quickly won over by the brutal nature of the game’s beginning and the ways the traps were implemented creatively yet largely unobtrusively. The escape also drew notable attention, especially as its members resorted to more drastic measures. The extended brawl that decided the winner is seen by many as a highlight of the season, although some find it slightly comical and drawn-out due to the simultaneous depletion of ammo and weapon breakage and loss.
  • Elliot Rakowski gained a solid measure of popularity, and after his post-winner interview circuit moved to Los Angeles to start a video blogging career. As well as establishing his own successful channel, he also regularly does crossovers with other notable YouTubers and regularly engages in livestreams on Twitch, although he is very prone to permanently banning and blocking anyone who questions him about his less than warmly received actions such as his killing of Cheryl. He also periodically makes appearances on SOTF side-shows and panels, as well as covering several SOTF conventions on his channel and making promotional videos and parodies for the show. While the fanbase tends to view Elliot as a villainous figure, he himself bristles at the suggestion, which has led to a number of arguments or moments of tension with fans and other figures in the community.
  • Upon being extracted by the production team, all three escapees were asked to participate in the interview circuits, but only Felix Berger accepted the offer. Originally trying to use his position to talk dismissively about the show and boost Zalika, he was quickly seduced by the fame and notoriety and abandoned his friends’ cause in order to create a profile for himself. Felix currently lives in New York with his girlfriend, and regularly makes appearances on assorted panel shows and news features to discuss his new media projects and appearances.
  • Adam Nejem stayed true to Zalika’s cause, and let her take the reigns when discussing SOTF in interviews and public appearances. However, he quickly slid from the spotlight when he was seen as nothing more than an accessory to Zalika, something compounded by their subsequent dating and breakup. He was not particularly well-spoken, leading him to repeatedly get manipulated by interviewers into lambasting Zalika and focusing all the blame for her less-than-virtuous actions and orders on her alone. Adam currently works as a physical education teacher at a private school back in Northfield, Maine.
  • Zalika Attwood fought long and hard to have her story told and her reasoning against the show explained. She self-published editorials and essays on her experience, and even tried reaching out to Elliot and past winners for support, though almost all of them were unable to be contacted, out of the country, or refused to speak to her or become associated with her (either due to disagreement with her central ideas or distaste for the callous sacrifice of others conducted by her group), with Elliot being in the latter category. While she had a number of supporters, she was unable to maintain the public platform she needed, as many of the outlets who would hear her spun her interviews to make her come off as angry or unhinged, which was quite damaging given the image she tried to cultivate to gain credibility. She was also seen as a major hypocrite for being so anti-SOTF when she willingly engaged in actions that led to the deaths of several of her classmates for her own gain, including torture and ordering the death of the boy who killed her brother, which managed to earn her the ire and enmity of several other prominent SOTF critics, most notably including Susan Crawford, who saw too many echoes of her sister's death in the killing of innocents conducted by Zalika's group. With Season Forty-Seven around the corner, Zalika quickly slid from the spotlight without fanfare. She currently lives in Washington, D.C., where she has written four books including an autobiography, continuously writes editorials for several minor anti-SOTF outlets, and is completing a Masters of Journalism at Howard University.

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Season Forty-Seven

Dates: 2016

Winner: Unknown
Runner Up:
Third Place:


Notable Participants:



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